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Vape Cige VtBox200 Check Battery Warranty service

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Recently my DNA 200 just stopped working and battery level dropped to 0%. It won't charge but does light up brighter when plugged in. If you push the button it shows my start up theme then goes blank unless you hold the button in then it says "check battery" followed by "warranty service". What can I do to fix it? Do I need a new battery? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Not sure about the not below 1 V bit, definitely the longer your battery is flat the harder to will be to revive, Grime Green implies that his was at zero "completely dead in the EScribe software" 37:00 in this video.


Thanks back to you GG as I have not had to do it myself it is good to hear how it goes.

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I have tried to do the recovery charging thing and it seemed to do nothing. Does it take along time to work normally? It hasn't moved at all yet. Also I'm not sure what you mean by how long it's flat? If you mean like how many days it's been like this it's probably been a couple weeks. I know I shouldn't have put it off this long but I've been really busy. Anyways thanks a lot guys for the help but I'm starting to think I'll have to buy a new battery which really bums me out haha

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I know recovery has a short time limit on it for safety so you may need to do it several times.  Most Li chargers and charging chops will not charger batteries under 2.5 V in normal mod so all the recovery is trying to do is bring the cells up to 2.5 V so they can be charged normally.  See if the voltages raise between attempts, if they don't and assuming that it is not something else I would imagine the battery is foo barred.

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What brand mod is this, some how I was thinking it was a Vapecige Vtbox200 and was posting where to get the battery but I must be in the wrong thread.....LOL   (oh from member's profile)
Here is the one that I put in Vapecige Vtbox200, I had to shorten the power wires considerably and remove the XT60 and add a T plug:
This one should work also:
uice on/in/under the balance plug was the cause for mine (#3 cell) to get unbalanced, it slowly drained when just sitting. I caught it right away so it never hurt the battery.

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ClintonVaper said:

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking? My mod is the VTbox 200 if that's your question and are these batteries that you recommend for that mod?

The Turnigy is the one I recommend, do you solder OK?
Just in case your not already aware of it, the original battery is labeled 1800 mah but it is more like around 1250 mah on a good day.
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