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Wismec dna200 Reuleaux replacing board

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I had my Reuleaux dna200 board go bad on me, it actually had one of the two large square inductor's come off the board completely.  I sent it in and got a replacement board from Evolv, which btw as always they were a pleasure to work with and were great about doing the replacement.  When I took this board out I noticed a couple things I didn't expect. First thing was the wiring seemed a bit small. Not the balance wiring but the battery wiring, the 510 wiring was large enough as well.  Also it was wired strangely. Anyways, that's not what I want to know about. It had these two little square blocks, one of which was soldered between the B- and the balance ground solder point.  The other was between then B+ and the balance point 1.  I was able to remove the 2 little blocks and keep them.  Although they are all black looking now and not sure how good they are but they still have the same shape.

Anyways, I want to know what those little blocks are and if I should reuse them and wire it the same way? Or is there a better or different way of doing it?  Also should I remove and replace the small wiring from the sled to the dna200 board? Will it make a difference in sag under load?

Here is pic that I found on this forums posted by vaping bad in this post:




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I was going to re-wire mine but I came to the conclusion that most of the battery sag was more a result of the 18650 batteries so I skipped the Idea. Others report that there was difficulty getting the sled to fit back in place with larger wire.
On the blocks, what are the readings from them using a ohm meter. I believe you could just bridge the spots where they connect by soldering a piece of wire in their place.
You might want to wait for someone to verify what I just said about the little blocks before doing it. 

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So knowone knows if I can reuse these pads?  I guess I will go with your suggestion.  Thanks for the support and taking the time to read and answer my question!  Today I putting my new replacement dna200 back in my Reuleaux that evolv sent me as well as my second modcrate silo 1300 dna200 install. They are such an easy install it's not even funny.  I love the looks and feel of the silo 1300 mods, just don't like how long battery lasts and swapping the batteries is not an option with this enclosure. I had an enclosure before that I did swap lipo's out instead of charging them in the mod but it lead to many issues.  I think it may have lead to one dna200 having pads lift off board from moving the battery - and + wires around too much.  I also had the wires snap 2 times from back and forth over time and had to resolder and it just became obvious that it was best to install battery and not mess with it anymore.  Now I just install it and charge with onboard balance via usb.  But in doing so, currently I have been using just the one dna200 mod, I won't use anything else so I would have to vape and charge at same time, which is why I got another silo 1300, so I could vape one down and then charge it and swap to the other already fully charged silo and so on.  I don't trust vaping and charging at the same time, as in the past I have had usb ports snap from the board 2 times because of mod dropping while vaping and charging.  It's a weak point of the mod and with a dna200 since it's attached to the main board, you can't replace the charging port with a separate cheap board like I did with the sx350 original.

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Sorry for the bump of a old topic, but I'm with the same "problem".

After having one cell not being read, and without a multimeter around, my choice was removing those two "black blocks" (some research lead me to it), removed them, bridged B- to G and B+ to 3 and the device started to read my all 3 cells again. Thing is, can I use it without any problems, or should I replace them? Logic says, replace, cause they were there for a reason. In that case, what are them, and what spec?

Also, as I moved from south america to UK, I left all my stuff there. Can anyone recommend me a multimeters to deal sometimes with small components that we got in the dna boards? I'm just an enthusiast, that sometimes buy a DNA second hand and gives a nice clean on it when necessary. Would this do the job? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Multimeter-Tacklife-DM01M-Temperature-Resistance/dp/B01N3RVVJ4/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1524316324&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=multimeter&psc=1&smid=A7AX9JMU6J7L7




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