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  1. Sorry for the bump of a old topic, but I'm with the same "problem". After having one cell not being read, and without a multimeter around, my choice was removing those two "black blocks" (some research lead me to it), removed them, bridged B- to G and B+ to 3 and the device started to read my all 3 cells again. Thing is, can I use it without any problems, or should I replace them? Logic says, replace, cause they were there for a reason. In that case, what are them, and what spec? Also, as I moved from south america to UK, I left all my stuff there. Can anyone recommend me a multimeters to deal sometimes with small components that we got in the dna boards? I'm just an enthusiast, that sometimes buy a DNA second hand and gives a nice clean on it when necessary. Would this do the job?
  2. Trial and error, but it's done! Just did same wiring as a dna reuleaux I got here, and all good!
  3. Hi all! I've got a situation here. Recently my Triade decided to not work anymore. Cells inside, it only turns the screen on while the fire is pressed, other than that nothing work. Connects to escribe normally. Also, I`ve got a Starss Player Mod (2 cell) DNA 200, which I don`t use much cause 2 cells dont perform well. So, as 2 cell is not my cup of tea, can I remove the dna200 board from the Starss, and use it on the Triade? Looking only thru the side of the wires, seems to be straight forward, but I might be wrong. Any advice? Here are some pics, Triade, Starss, Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. thomasck

    dna 250 battery help

    To make your own profile, just run battery analyzer yourself, and get your proper discharge profile for your batteries.. About cell cutoff, 3.2V is fine, you can try lower but won't get much difference..
  5. thomasck

    TC setup and best build for SS ****HELP****

    You're welcome! Remember (it's not a rule), spaced coils work better in TC mode than contact coils, at least, to me!
  6. thomasck

    TC setup and best build for SS ****HELP****

    If is SS316L or SS316 you can use one of the attached files.. DNA200-SS_316L _Elite-SteamEngine.csv DNA200-SS_316-SteamEngine.csv
  7. thomasck

    PT-BR Translation

    Version 1.0.0


    Here follows the .po file for Portuguese.
  8. thomasck


    Follows attached .zip file that contains .po file for Brazilian Portuguese translation. Also can be user for Portuguese from
  9. thomasck

    TC setup and best build for SS ****HELP****

    But, why not? Been using ss316L Clapton coils, spaced, and TC works very well.
  10. It would be the opposite, no? In parallel does not matter if is rotated or not, in series, matters..
  11. Well, issue continues happening.. Not a problem, I was just curious about..Thanks
  12. Hi buds, all good?I'm facing some strange behaviors when I remove empty batteries and replace for 03 charged ones.Lets say, I have 02 sets of LG HG2 which are used only on the dna200. Right now I removed the almost empty set of "1, 2 and 3" and replaced with a new set, the "X, Y and Z".So, this time Z should be the 1st battery to be inserted, after Y, and last X. What happens? Nothing the mod did not start. Ok, pushed a little bit more, nothing. Removed all of them, replaced all in same order, nothing. Then again, removed all, swapped Z for Y, and last one inserted was X. The mod did start! But its time for the Z be the 1st one in the rotation, so I removed all again, and placed all as the same way when the mod did not start, and what happened? It started normally! I've noticed this behavior before, not only with the XYZ set but also with the 123 set. Seems lot odd to me, and 1st thought was, I have at least one defective battery, but device monitor shows normal volts for all of them in both sets, and also when I remove to charge in a external charger, they have basically same voltage, around 3.30V, and all of them finish charging almost at the same time. Also, I got same performance, around 400 puffs at 270 Celsius, 55w with preheat of 65 @ 0,5s with both sets.So,any ideas why this happens?
  13. thomasck

    Triple 18650s in parallel on a DNA200

    As a regulated mod, series or parallel would not make much difference. As in series the board will work with higher voltage and smaller amperage, and in a parallel configuration will work with a increased amperage and lower voltage. So, at end of the day, you are going to achieve same results, but just in a different way..
  14. Many thanks for sharing this!Could I use this profile, or I should do one using mine VTC5 set of batteries?
  15. thomasck

    Show off your custom screens.

    Thanks for this! Beautiful!