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wire gauge size

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I recently bought a 2200 turnigy 25c-35c lipo and it came with 12 awg wires attached with a xt60 connector. The recommended max wire size says 16 gauge for silicone covered battery wire. Will it be safe to use this battery with xt30 connector with 12 awg wire, and will the larger wire gauge reduce the dna 200 chips output diminishing 200w power? I would probably have to trim the inside of the wire to be able to fit it in the xt30 connector. I just bought a new dna 200 chip and do not want to fry anything, thanks.

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I wouldnt disturb it at the cells, cut the length down "yeh" and use an xt30 or 60 connector, even slice the xt30 or 60 in half for better manovability and then cover with shrink tube to insulate ect, no worries with your guage wires as allready suggested you can drop down your size at whatever connector you find to use..

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