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Can you derive a TCR value from a CSV file?

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Wondering if this is even possible. A bit of reverse engineering in a sense. There are a lot of CSV files for given wire types shared online. Other then loading them, uploading to your device and trying them, I'd like to know if just by looking at the CVS file itself, if it's possible to figure out what TCR was used to create it? Hope I'm being clear?

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Sure, but the TFR graph isn't truly linear. So you must take an average of it. So you need to know how much the resistance changes per 1ºC of temperature change. You should take an average throughout the vaping range. Although if the TFR graph is pretty linear without curves, they all should be virtually the same anyway.

Take this Ni200 csv file for example.

"Temperature (degF)","Electrical Resistivity"

Oh that csv file is in Fahrenheit. That just complicates matters, let's use Centigrade one... Hmm... I don't have one. xD Anyway convert to Centigrade. That second value is how much the resistance changes from 20ºC. Like at 800ºF it changes the resistance by 3.44 times from cold resistance (68ºF). So from any two points you can calculate how much change per 1ºC. And that is your TCR value. Stream Engine will automatically will tell you the TCR if that is where you got the csv file from anyway.

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