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TC not working

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welcome to the forum juggaloassissin. a couple tips for you that work for me......
1)make sure you have the proper material curve uploaded to your device, whether it be a 316L, Ti, Ni coil - CSV or TCR
2)make sure your atty is at room temp before screwing on to the mod. a proper base resistance is crucial for accurate or even functioning temp control. you can check your build/atty's resistance stability in escribe with atty analyzer.
3) good solid clean connections all the way from your post screw to your 510 and 510 socket.
4) a proper preheat will ensure your wire rises in temp fast enough for the dna board to recognize the wire you're using as "TC" wire.

edit.....if you're still having problems, post a screen shot of device monitor with you firing the device a few times. make sure you have power, set power, temp, set temp, cold ohms and live ohms checked - while firing. this "live graph" will help us diagnose your problems

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I have tried 4 different atomizers with the same build 24 gauge SS 9 wrap all are around .3 or so and I have one atomizer with 24 wrapped in 28 gauge build that is .19 all work on my other DNA 200 but every time I use the Aria they kick out plus every time I set tcr values in escribe soon as I unplug an plug mod back in they change both on the mod an within escrib it self

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Here's a couple snips of from material's tab, the first shows the set TCR for ss316, the second snip shows the appellate to change the setting.
Until you click OK the setting doesn't change so .006 (Ni, the default) will always be the number in the box the first session using EScribe.
Note the number at the 800 degree mark without the little window open. Does that number change by itself? (between EScribe sessions)
SS316_correct.jpg  ss316.jpg 

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Juggaloassassin123 said:

I have had some ppl suggest it's the board but the mod still fires reads ohms an everything so if the board was bad I feel nothing would work correctly

Thats how i feel about electronics as well, so it must be mechanical, ,,, worked ok now doesnt work,, 510 center pin and spring needs looking at, clenliness, free travel, spring condition, try and view the whole component,,, has the bottom droped off where your power out wire goes in..,, see it would still work as an ohms reader and fire but with a loose or poor connection your bad power flow would interfear with temp readings ect.. there aint much els to go wrong to be straight..
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