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The DNA 60


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Joust bought a DNA 75 mod and waiting for its delivery.
With no doubt DNAs are great but can't understand why the 75 is limited to 6.2v considering the "less powerful" 60 hit 9v.
Could you please explain "this for that"?
Furthermore is the 6.2v a DNA 75 hardware limitation or we could wish for a future 9v software update?
Thank you.

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The DNA200 when ran in two cell mode (133 watts) is also 6v tops. If you want to run at 6v @ 75 watts, you need a resistance no higher than 0.48?. I don't find that to be a problem. My old Smok M65 I could run up to 12v and I never used anything higher than 6v anyway.

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The DNA 75 voltage limit is intentional, and is a hardware limitation.

The DNA 75 was intended and is marketed as a full featured budget board to allow consumers access to Evolv products at a price point previously unavailable for devices containing our electronics. This becomes more apparent at wholesale pricing.

For example, take a DNA 40, or a DNA 60 and at wholesale pricing you are already at or above the the cost of a DNA 75. If you would like a charging board with it, that is again additional cost.

The DNA 75 has all of this onboard, and more. In addition, with the right design, you can have a complete mod with two wires using a DNA 75.

If you use many of the replaceable coil sub ohm tanks on the market the DNA75 is great. If you like to run higher ohm coils, the DNA 40 or DNA 60 may be the better choice, but again this is a preference thing.

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