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Finally happy with SS temp control, question between types.


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Hi everyone. 

I own 4 DNA200's that I absolutely love, and since the SP3 update, have switched to using 316L SS as I find this is perfect for my tanks (I am an RTA guy). 

I use the standard SS 316 profile that comes with Escribe now to good results. I am just checking this is OK as I understand 316L is simply a low carbon version of SS 316. 

Temperature seems to be within the range I would expect it too and the best wire I have isn't from a vape store, but a craft store-26G, and is perfect for single and dual coil builds at my power levels(30W or so, sometime pushing 40). 

So, it is completely fine to use this setting with SS 316L isn't it? I would think so due to being able to use it in wattage mode0but I would rather be safe than sorry. 

thank you all, Conan.

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