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SDNA 75- occasional errors.


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Hello everyone. 

I have a fair few DNA200's, but my first DNA 75 is a SDNA75, and I have been enjoying it as a small, take out mod, and have been using it a lot for short outings. 

I have encountered an issue though- occasionally, the device will display an error- either the temp will display into the thousands, and turn off, I will get the new atomiser message, or even rarer, an atomiser short error. 

I have noticed this only happens when my tank is fully screwed down- not overtightened, just so it does not feel loose. If I unscrew it half a turn, this goes away-but the tank feels loose, and as I go to take a draw, I can feel the wobble. 

I own a fair few mods (36) and lots of tanks, but am not sure what is happening here, I love the device, and most of the time it works correctly, it just seems to do this at the worst times E.g it is the only mod I am carrying. 

Does anyone know why the device is showing an atomiser short or other error occasionally when fully screwed in? I can't really complain as the device was sent for review purposes to me, but it has become a firm favourite so keeping it functioning properly would be great. 

Thanks everyone, Conan. 

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when the temp on the screen goes into the "crazy" numbers, as i call it, there's a connection issue somewhere between the coil and the board - dirty or poor 510 connection (on the mod or atty), atty is poor for TC, coil legs loose in the posts. even the "short" message is related to connections, most of the time. what i would do - clean mod's 510 threads out with iso alc on a cloth, make sure no metal shavings down in 510. clean atty's 510 threads and pin, make sure coil legs are secure in posts. 

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I had a similar thing with a DNA75 and I think it was the design of 510 connector used in the device. Only did this with one of my atty's and that atty had a slightly longer 510 post which pushed the 510 center pin further down on the device than it should.  The same atty works just fine on all my other 200's and 75's except for this one 75.   I just don't use this atty on that 75.  

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Vaperkarloz said:

Mine (wood paint finosh )has unusal pike un temp before stabilizes temp 6-18c spike is short lastimebut has happened on all atty ive tried, apatently the spike in tc is not normal.....

Lots of things can cause what you call spikes.  Posting screenshots of Device Monitor data can help those of us who want to help you.  Continuing to talk about it without letting us see screenshot data will probably not bring about the answers you seek.
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