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HELP! My DNA200 died :(


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Okay so I heard a rattling noise in my box the other day, didn't think anything of it (Thought it was the wire harness or something). But just today, I was in the middle of taking a rip when all of a sudden, it just stopped. Everything went blank on the screen and it can't be turned on. 

So naturally, I unscrewed all the screws on my Panzer 200w, unhooked the lipo and took it out. When I did that I noticed something fell out, this is what was making the rattling noise all along I guess. It has some numbers printed on it and looks like a part of the chip (Shown in pic).

So now my chip is dead now right? I know it would probably just need some sort of soldering but I don't really feel comfortable doing that. I can't remember if Evolv provides any warranty on the chips for this type of thing? I would love to keep using it.




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