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No green light


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I have a couple of 75 devices. The device screen may read 100% & device monitor as well, depending on the battery settings. However, it is probably still charging..may it be ever so slightly, but still charging. The light will turn green eventually when the device senses the battery drawing no more charging current. As ChunkyButt200 stated...give it time! 

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4.2V does not mean charge is complete.

Just as there is a voltage drop when you pull power from a battery, there is a voltage rise when you push power into a battery.

When a battery is first charging, 1A is not enough to push the voltage to its target value. (This stage is called Constant Current charging. It takes about 2/3 of the time of charging.)

When the voltage (while charging) reaches 4.2V, the charger essentially balances the voltage rise from charging with how far under the voltage would be if it weren't charging. If you click Diagnostics->Disable Charging, you can see this: the battery voltage will drop to its real level. (Be sure to enable it again. :)) If the charger did not do this, as the current tapered off, it might end up above 4.2V. (This stage is called Constant Voltage charging. It takes about 1/3 of the time of charging.)

This second stage is what you are seeing, most likely. It should eventually finish.

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