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SMY SDNA 75 -Crazy Screen Indications Malfunction


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My one-month-old mod (SMY SDNA 75) started this morning to behave abnormally all of a sudden.

Pressing the fire button,
either it will stacks on the first screen or it will shows up a mesh from first and second welcome screen.
Needs to press the fire button for about 3 seconds to move on to the normal screen. But then, pressing the fire button, either the screen it will remain unchanged (like frozen), or  changes the indications to whatever it wants!

In the escribe and in the "Atomizer Analyzer" it works normally, showing the correct atomizer's resistor characteristics. Also it seems to work normally in the "Device Monitor" check page.
Generally it vapes as it should does. But the screen is not showing the correct information.

Needless to say that the mod didn't suffer any mistreatment.  
Also tried three different atomizers and three batteries.

Has anybody met such a condition to any DNA 75 mod?

Thank you,

I opened a ticket to EVOLV including two screenshots from the Device Monitor page.

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Just received a reply from EVOLV to my ticket.


 2017-03-08 12:23:01
Name:Nick Coutris


Hi Vassilis,

That issue will require a replacement screen to correct.

It is caused by neglecting to tuck the screen ribbon cable away from the fire button when the device is manufactured. This causes the fire button to contact the screen cable every time the button is pressed causing the behavior you are now seeing and eventual failure.

Unfortunately this is not something we would warranty, however we do have replacement screens available here on our website.

Nick Coutris
Evolv, Inc


I thanked EVOLV for their quick response because this, if nothing else, shows respect to customers.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just an update (a bit delayed!)

After contacting the vendor Gearbest, where I bought the mod, and exchanging 4-5 messages, they finally proposed two solutions.
Either I send back the mod (at my expenses of course) and they should refund the money, or keep the mod and they add to my "wallet" the amount of 15 USD.
I choose the second option.

In the meantime, EVOLV decided to send me a new screen as a courtesy!
Very impressive! I, once again, thanked EVOLV not only for their professionalism but for their kindness too. 

Needles to say that after replacing the damaged screen, the mod functions perfectly.

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