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Think vape finder 250w TC mod not working


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Good day

I bought Think vape finder 250w and I was totally disappointed when I discovered that the TC mod is not working with 316L wires.

I've tried downloading setting from steam engine site and getting setting from my friend's mod so far.

But neither of them is working. When I press the fire button the ohm fluctuates up to 1.5 ohm and a message pops up "Temp protected". which indicates that TC mod is not working.

I'm using 316L quad wire. 8 wraps with diameter of 3mm.

Any one have an idea how to solve this annoying issue?


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Is your Profile 1 set for 316L, Temp not turned off.  Also the Temp protect message means you have reached the set temperature.  It is not an error message.  If it reaches Temp Protect quickly you may have hot spots in your coil build.  You are using spaced coils, right?

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I received my ThinkVape Finder 250w about 2 weeks ago and am using a new Aromamizer Supreme loaded with 2-SS316L Staggered Fused Clapton Coils from UD with it (.07 ohms).  It works fine with TC and is providing a very nice smooth vape as I would hope to expect with this combination. I haven't yet tuned mod resistance, using .004 ohms, or performed the Case Analyzer which I hope to do this weekend.

I have a similar experience with my LostVape Triade 250w with 2-SS316L Staggered Fused Clapton Coils from UD in an OBS Engine atty (.09 ohms). I do dry fire them before wicking and use them spaced as I always do when doing TC no matter which wire type I use.

I am fairly new to SS 316L for my wire type as I have been using mostly my own would Ti or NiFe-52 coils which have worked well for well over a year.

I must say that I am very much enjoying the SS316L and will say there is no problem with the DNA250 (I have 2 of them), using TC which is the only way I vape for well over 2 years now.

You should ensure that you have your build secure and no loose connections, a good atty and you will be good to go.

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