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    lost vape therion, lost vape paranormal, thinkvape finder 250, thinkvape finder 250c, hcigar vt75

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  1. For now just try to update with regular Escribe: https://www.evolvapor.com/escribe
  2. Yep, it worked without any problem with Finder 250c and Triade 250c until I stopped to use TC (in favor of nexmesh). Have you updated Drone's firmware in Escribe?
  3. I bought another DNA250C mode (Triade), same problems. After another long chat with Evolv support I found freshly published firmware for 250c: Viola, 1.1 SP38 for now fixed this bug, I haven't tested it for a long time, but so far so good with two completely different builds. Hope this fix can help others who was bothered by this bug.
  4. So Evolve support replied to my ticket: Nothing much, seems like the board itself is fine and the device is faulty.
  5. Hi there, I recently got dna250c Finder and it spotted weird behavior while working in temp control. Sometimes it ramps up just fine, sometimes it shows "Temp protect" and after this message the power instantly cuts off (as when you stop pressing the button, graphs look just like that). I tried two tanks (vgod elite rdta and reload rta) with various SS316 (vandyvapes/geekvapes/xkfm) builds in range from 0.09 Ohm to 0.40 Ohm - always the same, meanwhile older paranormal 166 works normally in tc with the same builds. Is it common problem with 250c? Are there any ideas what to tweak to fix it? Regards
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