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    Making advanced theme from ground up

    Thank you very much for your answer in fact everything written here corroborates it in its entirety and if I see that it is not possible, consult the people of EVOLV and they agreed to answer me but nothing yet. thanks and regards
  2. sedoco

    Screen profile

    Hello, I wanted to check if it is possible to create a screen with a list of profiles created since I am new to the software and I can't find the way. Thank you
  3. sedoco

    Making advanced theme from ground up

    Hello, I see that within the conditions there are User - they are editable, what I would like to program is with a conditional compare the value of the coil when installing an atomizer with the one stored in each profile and in this way automatically select the profile corresponding to this value. will this be possible
  4. sedoco

    automatically apply the profile

    Ok, I am very grateful for your collaboration and contact me and they will consider my request. regards
  5. sedoco

    automatically apply the profile

    Hello another query is the source code freely available? regards
  6. sedoco

    automatically apply the profile

    Hi, that's right, I'm doing it now, but it's great that it's automatic, thanks for the prompt response. regards
  7. Hello, thank you for accepting me in the community, I am a new user of DNA 250C. The question I wanted to ask is if it is possible for the device to automatically apply the profile according to the coil, just as arctic fox does. Thanks greetings