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Found 9 results

  1. So I got my first DNA250 mod ever, an Starss Player/ Asmodus Oni167 for a steal. I was excited to have my first ever DNA mod but it doesn't have an SS316L profile or material file? I really only need help with a couple things.... 1, making a stock profile to use for SS316L, most of my builds are pretty similar so idk if I NEED TO punch in the coil specs for my builds for the steam engine csv, or if I can just somehow make a material CSV with the TCR of 316L?? 2 I have a Kanger top tank with the Stainless steel coil heads, I got it cause I thought it was 316 and it too i
  2. Hello, thank you for accepting me in the community, I am a new user of DNA 250C. The question I wanted to ask is if it is possible for the device to automatically apply the profile according to the coil, just as arctic fox does. Thanks greetings
  3. このカスタムプロファイルを試してみてください. Nihon Katana_SAP.ecigprofile
  4. So I just bought a LV Therion 75C and attempted to use it with ss 316L and it barely gave any vape. I see that I’m not the only one with this issue going back to 2016. Ive downloaded the recommended cvs profiles posted on this forum but I can’t figure out how to Save a cvs file or upload the file into Escribe. Escribe is looking for an .ecigprofile but I can’t locate it. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong? Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking to get more out of my DNA 250 vaporshark Can someone with plenty of profiles share the file and headache of trying but failing to make good custom profiles? Please and thanks, hope to hear back
  6. Hello, I just signed up here. I got my DNA 250 (Finder250) a couple months ago, and I LOVE IT! I've been starting to fine tune the settings on the vape, and I've got almost everything exactly where I want it. But there is one thing I can't figure out how to change... I want to change the number of clicks required to change profile. I normally keep the temperature or power locked so that it doesn't accidentally move on me. But when it's locked, only two clicks of + or - are required to go into profile select mode. I have often accidentally double clicked and gone into profile select when I
  7. So far as i know, after i used my dna75 and escribe for a while, the battery profile seems quite simple, the profile affect only what you see on screen but not how the device works with the battery. It wont help the device to manage a better power or whatever related to the battery but only the tinny bar on screen so why so many battery profiles online with so many complicated information on it? I made my own csv based on my personal use and it works quite good with any 26650 and 18650 batteries no matter the brand and the rate of the battery. For me, a battery with 4.2v is fully charged and i
  8. I am about to order some Zirconium wire to use with my DNA mods, and I have been unable to find any profiles for it. Does anyone have one, or know what TCR value I should use?
  9. I am using LG Choco, 2 cell, 3.7v, 3000mah. hope that someone could help me fill the proper w-h and cell cutoff to my therion 166 battery safety profile. pictures below
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