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  1. Had an issue with one wood panel opened a ticket send them a pic, got new doors all in a weeks time. We own 63 vape stores in NY, they repeatedly are conveyed to our staff that the support ACTUALLY exists, and no need to get the run around. We will continue to have LVE products and EVOLV devices until this support stops, we command a good amount of mark up on them and they sell because the customer is told about the warranty, and that the extra money compared to most mods is what your getting as well, on top of the freaking beauties they all are! LVE is the shizznet, Im sure someone may chime in they got screwed but chances are they get mad and take it out on them, having 63 stores (and counting) I hear it all, I will tell you this, an angry customer who doesnt even think before speaking or acting are generally angry people and no one wants to deal with them, be nice, have the damn receipt of Proof of Purchase and you are gold.
    Full use of the chip, you get all you need to know and some you dont but its so nice to have, this is an intuitively functional theme, unlike 95% out there. I see nothing to tweak, one is not anyone can really do, getting "Error Press Up" already, so hopefully thats not an issue but honestly this theme tells you so much, I almost dont even mind once in a while. Great job.
  2. meh, ill try it, sure its glitchy....
  3. NOT what hes asking... and the answer is no. The DNA chip is not as customization functionally as it is aesthetically. Plus this mod has doors that are not snug, boooooo
    Classiest theme so far, and very intuitive, the main screen is everything you need, its just a well done classy ass theme!
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