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  1. I have to agree with this. Same issues! I have a trouble ticket in as this replay mode doesn’t Vape right. On my SS316L builds, it will either under power or over power the Vape. It’s tough to get that “perfect” puff replicated. I just use wattage mode now as it’s more consistent.
  2. I would use replay mode more but it doesn’t really work to well for me. I submitted a ticket about it. The thing I don’t like is how far it varies from the wattage I have it set at. For example, I would set it to 110W on a quad core SS316L build and do some Vapes. I save a good one and then boom. Replay throttles it down to 75W or it fluctuates like crazy throughout my puff. It’s like it’s lost and can’t mimic the puffs I’m saving. It works well for chain vaping or for times I don’t want to drip a lot but for every day use, I’m not digging it. That’s why I got that trouble ticket in is because it’s not supposed to be like this so Evolv support is helping me out 😀
  3. I understand how replay works and how to use it. I find replay mode work good for certain situations and wattage mode work for others. I find replay to be a bit inconsistent and I don’t like it I’m sorry. But if I’m out or trying to just drive and not worry about redripping my RDA all the time, then I will use replay mode. It’s a decent mode but it’s not the end all to using other modes. It has its place in my opinion. I like wattage mode mostly as it Vapes more consistently without any “throttling” or onboard safety’s trying to maintain a puff. Personal preference!
  4. Ahh! Good point! You may not want to mess with the settings you have saved on another profile that makes sense. If your trying to maintain a specific profile for a build you have then I can see what your talking about especially for temp control. I just find it a pain whenever I’m putting a new RDA on to have to remember to resample every time in wattage and replay mode as I jump back and forth between the 2 profiles. If I was doing temp control then I agree. I wouldnt want anything to change if it’s dialed in perfectly.
  5. I love this theme! Can I make a suggestion? When you resample your resistance, can it change that value in all the profile pages? For example. I’m running a tank in Wattage mode and it reads a RDA at .121. I then go to replay mode and it reads the different. So I have to resample that resistance value on replay profile for it to read the accurate resistance after a tank change out. But even after I resample in one profile, that value doesn’t carry over to the other profiles. I have noticed when your swapping tanks and doing different modes, if you resample in one profile you have to do it in another. So if I change a tank out from the .121 ohm resistance and it reads .15 in wattage mode, if I go to replay it doesn’t change unless I resample that resistance value as well. So that value will stay unless you resample every profile after you swap out tanks. In short, when I install a tank and it reads a new resistance value, if I click yes or if I resample the resistance value in one profile, I would like that value to change across ALL profiles! Hope that makes sense 😀 Thank you for this great theme! It works very well and I love it!
  6. FrankV

    Escribe for DNA GO

    I didn’t see this on the website my apologies. Thank you for the links. This worked perfectly and my device connected right up on my Mac!
  7. FrankV

    Escribe for DNA GO

    No it isn’t. That’s an .exe file that won’t work on a Mac. I would have not asked if that file worked.
  8. FrankV

    Escribe for DNA GO

    Mine won’t come up on Escribe. I have a version just for my 250C but I’m not sure if that’s the same software. Can’t find anything about the DNA Go chip on the first page. Anyone have any help or have the software for Mac?
  9. I checked my settings as well and .5W power step selection is in the “off” position.
  10. Fixed the .5W step issue. When I turned it on, it switched to 1W so my apologies for not noticing this.
  11. I love my boaz RDA! Great flavor especially with there framed Staple coils. Have you tried the RDA on another device? I do feel the 510 pin on the RDA could protrude a bit more as it sits in fairly tight inside. Probably what your experiencing is the device your using isn’t making contact with it.
  12. Hello Frank! My apologies for all the questions. Is there anyway I can change the replay Watts units from .5 to 1? I believe it was like this before the test theme you sent me. Not sure. Thank you for your help! Oh and the idle issue is getting solved on the next SP. Evolv is also giving out a beta firmware to users with the issue of not waking up. Incase anyone is wondering if it’s hardware or software related. It’s definitely software and a fix will be here soon! Thank you again for a great theme! Oh BTW...what happened to the paranormal logo that was on the original theme? Mine shows a different image now on the lock screen 😀
  13. I think your right. Biggest thing is the mod dies return to its original resistance value after I let off the firing button. As long as it does this then I know it’s not a build issue or anything wrong. I’m wondering though if the mod fires at the initial resistance or if it fluctuates as the live ohms changes during the vaping experience. Thank you again for your help! I do like having the lock feature you added and how you got rid of that rule so I’m going to run with your test theme for a while
  14. Here are some pictures to show my device and how as it heats up, the resistance changes. It starts at .159 ohms and works it’s way higher.
  15. Thank you! I downloaded the test theme to my device and it let me lock the resistance but the device is still showing a different resistance as I Vape on it. Not sure if this is normal or what. But it did let me lock the resistance in yet the mod still wants to fire at a different resistance. Not sure why but that’s what is going on.