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  1. I use wattage only also, nice to see someone with the same issue. I sometimes think it's completely overrated. Like I could've gotten a cheaper mod that also does wattage mode.
  2. I've been scrolling through alot of these forum topics seeing alot of people struggling with replay. I'm not an expert by any means with building, replay mode or temp comtrol. But in my experience with replay( 2 weeks) it's very touchy. I can only use spaced coils, and they can't touch at all. It seems to me that the moment a hot spot is detected by the chip it's no good any more. I've been wrapping my coils clockwise, almost backwards to what I'm use to. If I buy pre built coils I have to unwrap them then rewrap in the opposite direction they came in to prevent them from touching. I've used replay with my Zeus single rta, Themis dual rta, Goon v1.5, Armageddon apocalypse. But again all spaced builds. I hope this helps and again I'm no expert and hopefully this topic hasn't been discussed and this isn't a repeat topic. But I absolutely love replay mode in my paranormal 250c.