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    Mac Suppport

    They have done already, but I don't think it's common knowledge! I use this version (SP20) on Mojave with no problems whatsoever - - This is the International version as I'm in the UK, delete the "INT" from the link if you don't require that version. Hope that helps you out.
  2. DJT

    Mac Suppport

    works fine, try a different cable, or plug it directly into the Mac.
  3. @joeblowma So it's a combination of me getting the 250C at the same time as the SC4 but the looks of things!! Wow. I've ordered a Xtar VP4 now. Apparently it's very accurate at charging to 4.2 precisely according to those very geeky torch battery forums! Now we just need an update from Evolv to fix the annoying little Reply oddities and I think I'll be happy, ha! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, I really appreciate all your help.
  4. @Ak89 Y'know, I have a feeling it is. Even though it's a real Nitecore CS4, which should be doing a great job of managing the batteries all the way to a full 4.2v...... maybe it's stopping a little early. Thinking about it a little more.... what if the Nitecore is charging to just below 4.2v, doing it's top up charge up to a 'safe' maximum. Then the 250C is reading them far more accurately than my 250 did. That would make sense I guess. Yes? No? 😉 EDIT: I have three HG2's charging now, one just flicked to full, 4.2v so I took it out straight away, I'm waiting for the other two now and I'll do the same, I'm wondering if it's discharging them slightly whilst waiting for the others to charge? Hmm.
  5. @Ak89 Now that's interesting. Those are original LG HG2's from Grey Haze in the UK, a reputable company, I've also tried Vapcell rewrapped Sony VTC5D's from Fogstar, another trusted dealer as well. both packs bought just over a month ago when I got the Finder 250C as an 'upgrade' to my Triade 250. Same deal. Hmmmm. I'm going to charge up an older pack that I've still got kicking about here somewhere and try those, I'll report back tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I can't access a 'removable mode' at all. Even though my three batteries I take out and charge in an external charger! Here's two screen shots for you. 99% is the highest it's ever shown and that was since I did the ' turn down the curve to 4.17' trick as explained above. This is a freshly charged set of batteries that are only a month old.
  7. I don't have that option, even if I change the user interface to Manufacturer, I have Lithium Ion 18650 (3 cell), Lithium Polymer, LiFePO4 & Power Supply. Any clues‽ 🙂
  8. No, one csv file for the 250C, yeah you should change the csv for the different batteries but it still simply doesn't report it accurately. My old 250 did, and dirt cheap mods do. This isn't a cheap board.
  9. Still no joy. now reports 97%!!! Other threads are talking about inaccurate battery measurement on the 250C. I honestly believe it's a problem y'know. NEVER had an issue on my 250. Makes me lose faith in the Reply feature, is that measuring properly? Who knows!
  10. Correct, it just shows 98%. Not the biggest issue in the World. I know, but very irritating!
  11. Thank you for you assistance, it's really appreciated. I did all of the above bit no joy I'm afraid. As you can't alter the watt hour on the 250C I guess I'm just going to have to perform the battery analyser test. Can you point me in the direction of what I'll need? A guide basically! Again, thank you.
  12. I'd love to! But I have no idea where I got that file from 😞
  13. Hi, As I wrote in my original post "I don't have the parts required to do the battery analyser myself I'm afraid." My real point is though, should I have to? My 250 works flawlessly and many other owners of the 250C have written on this forums about a few shortcomings with it, maybe it's time for Evolv to push out an new update?