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  1. Try usb2.0 as usual, discouraged for three days, thank you very much.Wayneo dwcraig1🙏💗
  2. I have changed the 4 lines, but I have an error with different numbers. Change the computer port usb error😭 Thank for you help dwcraig1🙏
  3. Put the battery back, but the screen theme is still missing. Uploading a new theme and getting into error
  4. Thank you very much. 30 minutes. Test again. Go to the market before taking out the battery🙏🙏
  5. Still haven't removed the battery at all, try removing it first. How long does it take? Thank you very much. dwcraig1
  6. Using one piece of 18650 battery, tried to upgrade and got error.
  7. 😱 Can you tell me? I'm all confused and can't go back to the factory. Thank dwcraig1🙏😭
  8. The firmware in the mod seems to have a problem, but I don't know how to clear it. Please teach me.
  9. I don't know how to go next step😅
  10. Can connect, but when uploading mod error, fetch data from mod to Computer can Change the cable to 3 lines, does not pass😭 Thank dwcraig1🙏
  11. Hello, I have replaced the cable as before, this cable can be sent from the mod into the program.
  12. The same setup 1 setup 2 Not pass error EEPROM Is there a way to clear the mod? Press Restore Defaults not passed. 😰
  13. Hello. I can wake up. I just try to delete them all. Start over Thank you for your advice.
  14. Wayneo Thank you very much. I would like to sleep first.🙏
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