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  1. Version 1.0.01


    DNA250C slap speedy job based on another users upgrade of the basic.
  2. James you are a genius and a scholar, thank you kindly
  3. I really like the Build: Dual 19guage 6 wraps Nichrome Flatwire. Clocking Resistance in at 0.85. For Wattage Mode, This still Fires. Great Fun too. What are the consequences of Vaping Super-Sub Ohm (>.1), not on TC mode? Anyone Have experience Running under Wattage Mode Ohm Range? Many Thanks, Your neighbourhood friendly VaperMan
  4. Wrong Cable! Thank you both!!!!!! 10/10 im gonna make some amazing themes to say thank you
  5. Im still getting the Escribe Notification of "No compatable USB devices are connected, please connect one to continue, if it is already plugged in the cable may be loose so try re plugging it in". Are there Hardware drivers installed through Escribe or are they separate, thanks a lot people This notification is weird because the mod itself says its taking 4.5v or 5v charge via usb :/ any helps?
  6. thank you very much, i will do both of these things!
  7. My DNA 250C isn't properly connecting to Escribe, im just being asked permanently to check the cable, the device says its accepting 5v from the USB. Did not work on either of my PC's. Both of my Paranormal's are doing this. Any help please?
  8. They are in the UK now. China isn't the place to go for this Mod
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