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  1. Hello, I have Lost Vape Triade 250, its running with 3 batteries., I want to make it work with 2 batteries, I tried using Escrib but when I press fire it shows Shorted !!! any Idea?
  2. I'm using dual SS 316 flat Clapton wire one Gone RDA, I would like to run the temperature control, but I'm not sure about my settings. I need your advice to select the right settings for that. Now, whenever I enable the TC and try to fire it stops and show me OFF.
  3. I would like to customize the main screen, Like remove the battery icon change the watt font size, is that possible or it's just the three values which I'm allowed to change from the drop-down menu?
  4. regarding the 2nd point kindly find the below video, which shows that it can run with 2 batteries up to 167 Watt how do I configure the batteries to get accurate 'battery icon'? is it possible to remove the batteries icon from the screen?
  5. I have Triade 250 from Lost Vape. I'm using an external charger (Nitecore D4) to charge all batteries. I have some questions in this regards: 1- do I have to turn off the Mod before removing the batteries? 2- Is it possible to run the Mod with 2 batteries only? 3-I'm using 3 sony 2500 mAh and another 3 AWT 3500 mAh as a backup, Is this fine? (I don't mix theme)
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