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  1. Well if your mod really is bricked, I wonder how hard it would be to open up and swap in a new DNA board. It won't be easy, but I would imagine that would HAVE to fix it.
  2. You may have used such a default setting that it's now looking for the default 3 battery setup. Try to maybe upload a profile made for that mod and see if that fixes anything. As for the tank TC trouble, what material are your coils made out of?
  3. I was wondering if there is any settings I could (should?) tweak to make anything safer? It might be unnecessary, but if there are any tolerances that could be pulled back just in case I get a counterfeit battery that's only 10amps or something that Maybe changing the battery cutoff, or making a change battery warning come up at 10 or 15 percent left (is that even something you can do? I forget) so I can vape till I hit that mark and change my batteries without trying to guess if that tiny battery bar is showing me 25% left or 5% left. Still trying to learn all this. Thanks.
  4. a lot of people run into that problem by hitting the default setting and making the mod look for 3 batteries. Once you have your mod working the way you want, save that profile just in case you mess something up, you can use that as a backup.
  5. Custom profiles? Unless you're talking about battery voltage cutoff type of stuff, there really isn't much to do. Changing the info that shows up on the screen is just a drop down menu. I changed my fire lock to 3 clicks instead of 5, and made a Jupiter Mining Corporation logo in paint for my wake up screen. but it's all very basic stuff and I'm sure you probably want something more. Somebody made a cool spirited away theme here: https://forum.evolvapor.com/files/file/136-spirited-awaygnic/ And some more themes are here: https://forum.evolvapor.com/files/category/4-dna-60-75-200-250/
  6. The way it seems to be set up, the amps used only show up while the fire button is being pressed. This seems completely useless, you would need a mirror to ever be able to see the reading. I got it to display the 'last power used', but I think that might be some reading for the amount of juice I sucked out of the battery. Just wondering if there is a setting to get the amps to stay on the screen long enough for me to look at them.
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