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  1. Issue resolved. Protovapor asked me to return them the mod as they will replace screen.
  2. It may be of some help. It's the 75c kit instructions. Wish there was a screen replacement PDF file from Protovapor.
  3. I purchased a DNA 75C from Protovapor in March 2019. I love the mod but this morning the screen is blacked out in the middle and it looks like I need a new screen. Mod works, but I can't see the settings. I emailed Protovapor but haven't received a reply. By looking at the pictures enclosed it appears to be just 4 screws holding the rounded part of the case together. I'm not sure if removing them will open a can of worms or actually allow me to change the screen without screwing up the chip. Any suggestions will be helpful. I did send in a ticket.
  4. Is there anyway I can change the watts from 1 watt increments to half watt? Very nice theme and I enjoy the colors not being overbearing on the eyes. My only other issue is the timeout time. Looks to be 30 seconds and 15 seconds works much better for me. Still a theme I will add to my other DNA 75C. Thanks Almost forgot can the date format be changed?
  5. Thank you very much. I had watched the video and noticed using Watt mode, but escribe gives the option to pick a coil material. At least I wasn't the only one who was confused. If the other coil options were not there it would make it clear. Thanks again.
  6. I was under the impression when using replay you can not get a dry hit. I have not let any of my SS316L coils get to that point. When I change the cotton and dry fire the mod I have always moved it from Replay to the Watt setting. Today I forgot to do that and sure enough the coil dry fired several times. I thought that wasn't able to happen. If using escribe myReplay setting shows watts on the bottom of the screen for coil material. Should I set this to SS316L? Or do I leave it as it came out of the box? Sorry if this has been already asked and answered.
    I love the theme and use it on my Paranormal and Mirage DNA mods. I'm fairly new here but not sure how I would know or find out if you updated your theme. It's a pleasure to use and works great. Thank you.
  7. You did it again. Did I purchase the international version? I followed your instructions and sure enough my paranormal now has replay.
  8. First of all thanks as I was able to move 316L to my Mirage. The problem I'm having with escribe is that it will not allow me to download any theme with Replay on it. I receive the message that Replay is not a USA feature. I had saved my theme for the Mirage and tried to download it on the paranormal and it's a no go. Even the other themes with Replay will download but I can't find the option for replay on them. Any suggestions are welcomed.
  9. I can admit to at times where my ohms seem to jump some and I'm sure it's a result of my build. I'll use when needed.
  10. I looked but couldn't find anything. What is ohm lock and what is it's purpose? I know it's there for a reason. Thanks
  11. My new DNA has the replay option and it's awesome since I don't have a collection of RTA's and for the most part I use the same build. I definitely want to download a theme for the paranormal which includes the replay option. I can't thank you enough for being so helpful. Before buying DNA's I was a provari user as I knew they were a very safe mod.
  12. 316 and 316L seem identical. Thank you for helping.
  13. Thank you very much. I'll give it try as I have escribe on my work computer and use chromebook at home. I'm not even sure what the difference is between 316 and 316L.
  14. I just received my Mirage 75C and the menu on the device looks nothing like the picture of the menu in the manual from Lost Vape. I noticed that SS 316 was listed and not 316L. I use 316L and not sure how to get that setting on my mod.
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