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  1. I wonder why I got an email saying a new version had been released last week then? If you look at the version history it shows 2.8.7 as released last week.
  2. Frank, I got an email from the forum saying you said you released a new version (v2.8.7). This version # is the same as the last one you released, is that a typo? Should it be v2.8.8? Thanks
  3. True enough, to each their own. Whatever works for you. Myself, I've been sticking with replay; don't remember the last time I switched profiles 😁
  4. Why would you be jumping from wattage to replay? In replay you select the wattage you like and when you get to the "puff" you like, you save it. Replay then replicates that same puff over and over again. I think a common misconception is that you use temp in replay to get to the vape you like then save it, but from what I understand, you use wattage in replay to get the best results...that's what I have been doing. I started using temp in replay, and although it does function, you get a better "replay" by selecting /using wattage no matter what the coil material is so I have been simply starting with a lower wattage and raisibg it until I get the vape I like the click save. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. That would not be viable as most people have multiple profiles set up for different wires (i.e. one profile for Ti, one for Ni200, one for SS316L, etc). If we all just used one coil for all profiles then your idea would be feasible, but if I'm not mistaken, each profile has its own parameters and they are not linked at all. Just my opinion.
  6. Frank, I have loved your theme since day one, it has been my DNA75C/250C theme on all my devices! I have a question however and it may be DNA related not actually your theme, but I have heard from a couple of people that REPLAY only works if the material selected is "Watts". Your theme allows replay to work even if the actual temp metal you are using is selected (i.e. SS316 in my case). When the metal is selected the temp is selected and then you can "Save" the setting to REPLAY. Do you know if the REPLAY is actually working in this case or is it just acting like a normal temp sensing profile if you select a material other than "Watts"? I am a bit concerned about using "watts" with something like Titanium for the REPLAY feature. Many thanks and keep up the great work Joe
  7. I assume you have a seperate profile in your device for Kanthal, if so just uncheck Replay in that profile on escribe and you should be good to go.
  8. In 2.8.3 the wattage adjusted in 0.5W increments. Must have been an oversight by Frank if it's now adjusting in 5W increments. You can change the increments yourself however in theme designer to whatever suits your style.
  9. I did not say you accused Frank of having anything to do with Theme Editor, I guess I misread what you posted, you said the overlays were lame and I thought you meant that what Frank had done was lame; apologies if that is not what you meant. Frank has done an amazing job with this theme since he first brought it out for the 75C! Indeed we all could learn more in Theme Editor as it can get quite complex, especially in a complex theme like Frank's and with REPLAY being so new. I'm sure as time passes, there will be more info available on how TE works, I hope that someday there will be thorough documentation vice experimentation.
  10. That's the software, not Frank. Just move one control off to the side to access the control or field under it then move it back when you are done editing it.
  11. The overlays are not "lame", they are required to do multiple things in the same position on the screen depending on what you are doing. I think Frank has done an amazing job with this theme and it's far from lame.
  12. I understand it the same way as you Frank. If you select an actual material, then you set the temp until you find a good castle then click "save puff", the new firmware figures out the rest of the parameters to get you that same puff each vape thereafter. Conversely, I have heard that if you use "watts" as a material, the board also figures out what material you are using and locks in the vape that way too. I have tried both ways using SS316L wire and they both work great with replay. My only concern would be using Ti or Ni and setting the material as "watts" since I don't know how safe that would be. We need an evolve guru to chime in here I think. Keep up the great work! * One suggestion for next update would be to set the lock timeout to small font or make the field wider since anything over 99m wraps into a second line. Grumpy
  13. Thanks Frank, looking forward to v2.8.3. It's going to be nice to have Replay working correctly on all profiles. In an earlier post I said Replay was working in other profiles; it's because I had not tried to "renew" the Replay. When I did, it was glitchy. Couple of suggestions: 1. Change the font for material to "Small" since some custom materials are longer than the line and wrap into a second line 2. When using replay, have the last wattage applied display correctly on the lower left (I changed it on mine in theme designer). I really appreciate your efforts on what I consider to be the nicest looking theme so far. Grumpy
  14. I tried Replay in profile 8,not sure why it has to be 8 since you can enable Replay in any profile, but either way I downloaded v 2.8.2 this afternoon and even profile 8 the preheat is locked at 200W. I will play with the theme tomorrow and see if I can unlock it. In the interim I just turned off preheat just in case. On another note, should the actual material be selected for Replay or is it supposed to be left at "Watts"? I'm worried that temp protect might not work if material is watts, not a big deal since I'm using SS316 anyway, but Ni or Ti could be an issue.
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