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  1. Came out a Hcigar VT75. The board hasn't been heated the wires were just clipped. I will hook up a battery and see if it works but I am suspect of why it doesn't behave like all the other boards.
  2. I have a DNA75 board that has been removed from a working mod and sat on the shelf for a year or so. If I try to connect the board to Escribe, it just flashes on and off with the red led flashing as well. I have other boards including a DNA75 that connect fine to Escribe without a battery. I don't want to install the board to just find out there is an issue. Is there any reason this board should not connect to Escribe without a battery? Thanks.
  3. Version 1.7 is working great for me. Replay screen looks a lot cleaner. I don't use the stats screen, so that part hasn't been an issue to me. Thanks for all the hard work on this theme.
    Easily my favorite theme. Very clean. stylish and easy to read. If you are looking for a theme that makes sense instead of being overly flashy for no good reason, this is the theme for you. Support from creator is exceptional.
  4. hawk256

    Replay on 75c

    Interesting. I won't pretend to know why but Replay is obviously doing a lot of things I don't understand yet. Maybe some refinements by Evolv will improve compatibility or at the very least we will understand the ins and outs of Replay more in the future. I understand that Evolv might not want to put all their cards on the table for obvious reasons but hopefully more of the process will come to light. At first look you would think that if it works in standard TC, it would work in Replay but obviously not the case.
  5. hawk256

    Replay on 75c

    When multiple wires are used together ie. clapton, stapled, etc., the inner core(s) are what should matter more than the outer materials. Not knowing what all is taking place and being evaluated during Replay mode, it's hard to come up with an answer. 0.06 ohm is very low, maybe a factor? Out of curiosity, do the same coils work in standard TC mode?
  6. I don't think you have to download it. I just go into theme designer from Escribe and click default theme.
  7. Thank you for putting in the hard work. It's easy for me to say I want this or that when I'm not the one having to figure it out, LOL. Wattage increment is such an easy thing to fix in theme designer, it really shouldn't be an issue for you to worry about. Replay is a great thing from the usage perspective but does seem to be a pain to get it formatted for a clean look in theme designer. As good as you have done with this theme so far, I have no doubt that you will get the Repaly screen looking as clean as the rest of the screens you have designed.
  8. Easily my favorite theme ever made. Great job niandra3 . Being a low wattage vaper I have to change the wattage increments to either 1 watt or .5 watt but it's not hard to do in theme designer. As good as the theme looks everywhere else, the Replay screen looks a little crowded to me. The Replay with a check box seems unnecessary. The default Evolv theme handles this a fairly tidy manner, IMHO. The wattage display could be larger and just have the save puff and playing text similar to the default theme instead of the Replay with check box and save cancel text below it. Again, thanks for your hard work on a great theme just wanted to toss out some ideas to you on the Replay screen.
  9. Not getting Replay to work on my Hcigar VT75D. I love this theme, the layout is perfect for me but I cannot get Replay to work with this profile. Works fine with the default profile. If I go into the Replay menu, I am unable to change the status and it never shows as available. Also, a minor note, Wattage mode is changing in 5 watt increments. Easy enough to change but I thought I would point it out to you.
  10. hawk256

    Issues with replay

    If Replay is working with the same coil on a different atty, something must be going on with the Skyline. Maybe tear the deck down and check everything out. Make sure all the insulators are in place and the center pin is tight and making a good connection. Other than that, I don't know of much else to recommend. My Skyline has worked fine with Replay. Good luck.
  11. hawk256

    Issues with replay

    No idea what is up then. Is the same coil working in a different atty with Replay?
  12. hawk256

    Issues with replay

    Sounds like the DNA is not seeing enough change in resistance to calculate what is needed for Replay. Does it work as expected in standard TC mode?
  13. hawk256

    Issues with replay

    My Skyline is working fine. Still using micro coils for now but performing great with Replay.
  14. hawk256

    Replay on 75c

    Round wire micro coil? Should work with claptons, etc. as long as the wires are correct but for simple troubleshooting I would stick with a micro coil to start with.