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  1. Version 1.4


    Released to celebrate my 44th birthday (19 April 2021) and my ten-year vapiversary (21 April 2021). Acknowlegements I used two fonts: JLS Data Gothic (a free typeface by The Fontry) and DIN 1451 from the Adobe Font Folio Some of the theme logic was borrowed from the Material-ish theme by @SirTimmyTimbit The icons are all taken from the Google Material Icons library If you have problems with the theme, or want to send me comments/feedback, then feel free to send me an email (paul@enderson.co.uk) or inbox me on the Evolv Forum. This work is licensed under a
  2. Just another quick note, in case someone searches for font problems in the future... If the font you wan't to use has any kind of license restriction (i.e. not 'properly installable' in Windows) then it wont show up in the Theme Designer font list, regardless of how it's inststalled! The only way around this is to: 1. Download/install a font editor (I use FontForge personally) 2. Open the Font Information window for the font 3. In the "OS/2" section, on the "Misc" tab, change the OS/2 value under the Misc tab and set the Embeddable property to "Installable Font" 4. Generat
  3. You're a star! I have over 2500 fonts installed and am working on themes I plan to release soon. Sadly, most of my decent fonts weren't coming up in the Theme Designer list. Did your all users install trick and loads more are available Thanks for sharing the solution! Paul
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