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  1. It didnt matter what theme i was using. I even tried restoring factory defaults and kept having the same errors with SP35. And it didnt give me the error while i was hitting it but it seemed to randomly thow me the error when the screen timed out (goes black) so sometimes it happened while holding it if i didnt chain vape. Since i downgraded back to SP33.2 i havent had a single issue with anything, not even custom themes! SP35 is flawed!
  2. i think i finally got it figured out and SP33.2 seems to have fixed it (sp35 = a dud for now!). Thank you everyone that helped me on this! So I ended up uninstalling escribe and downloading an older version of Escribe from 2015 here and then i upgraded the Escribe with the link from the 2nd to last post on this page that contains sp33.2, shut Escribe off, restarted the PC and installed 33.2 on my mod. No more white screen saying error press up!!!!
  3. hi guys, i have the triade 250c and im having similar issues and want to downgrade my service pack but i cant find a link to download any of them and when i go to tools and apply service pack i only get the option to install sp35. where can i find the link to sp33.2? its driving me nuts!
  4. Ok i tried reinstalling the same service pack but did not work. It was my only option so where do i download service packs from? Cant seem to find anything on the evolv site besides escribe
  5. I did the restore defaults option last night and it fixed replay but im still getting the "error press up" message.. I didnt have this problem before i did the service pack upgrade, is there any way to install an older SP/firmware?
  6. Hi guys, im looking to find some help on a few issues with my lost vape triade dna250c project sub ohm edition. First and biggest issue the error message i get several times a day. White screen that says Error Press Up. Sometimes it happens when the screen turns off, sometimes it does it inbetween puffs, does it when i update it or try to change the theme. Each time it makes me unlock the device again. Ive reset it back to the default theme and still does it, also my replay function is wonky.. I can change it to replay but i cant hit the save button. Also earlier it went to black screen and wo
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