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  2. Cas Walker

    Stiff buttons on Rebel DNA75C 21700

    Thanks! Ticket submitted and Evolve have offered to take a look at it.
  3. I'd like to make a suggestion for the main screen. There is an available slot at the bottom (occupied by a red DNA), and I tweaked your Theme to put a "clock" there. -------------- [....] 24 W MENU 08:19am -------------- *sorry about the ASCII art, I couldn't upload a JPG image file. (ThemeClockTweak.jpg - 9kb - Upload Failed) Main Screen Clock Tweak My mod is usually on this screen because I use Kanthal profile in wattage mode. What do you think about making this a permanent feature of your theme?
  4. Never mind, I figured it out. Had to enable the (advanced) Manufacturer settings in EScribe and increase the "Manufacturer Max Puff Time" as well (it was still set to 10s). The Theme is now properly handling the full "Max Puff Time" increment range of: 0-20
  5. Mod: Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C I'm using 3.2 and I'm having an issue with "max puff time". I have changed it via: Safety->"Max Puff Time" = 20s I like to use lower wattage, preheat then take longer RTL hits so the average ends up being ~13s. Yes I know I can bounce the fire button, but that messes up my Puff Info statistics. In the theme, it shows up as: 20s (in orange) and if I try to adjust it, it will drop to the default "10s" and cannot increase over "10s" However, the worst part is that even when set to "20s" the mod will not fire beyond "10s". I do not know if this is an issue with my mod or with a theme field control. Other than this issue, I love this well thought out and advanced Theme.
  6. RiccoS

    Radio Active Drone

    Спасибо за вклад Zark, это очень ценится. Я занят работой над лучшей версией с лучшими экранами и совместимой с большим количеством устройств и стилей вейпинга. Я также добавляю несколько фонов. Просто в настоящее время не готов к использованию многоязычной опции, но я скоро попробую. С Уважением,
  7. zark

    Radio Active Drone

    Все, что я пишу это не критика, а взгляд со стороны, мои советы для помощи и не несут сарказма. Я бы советовал заменить тег 250с на 75с, по тому что этот дизайн не поддерживает моды с тремя или четырьмя ячейками. Так же было бы намного интереснее добавить поддержку режима Реплей и ТС ( есть настройка предварительного нагрева, но нет настроек ТС). Тема имеет уникальный стиль, но я бы поработал над вкладкой Language для придания большей индивидуальности. И еще одно, иконка батареи на главном экране сильно портит общий стиль, я бы поискал другую картинку. В целом это очень интересное начало, но никак не финал. Удачи!
  8. jinx'd

    Radio Active Drone

    VERY COOL ! I had been wanting a radioactive wallpaper, and this one is great ! but, I would like to have less info on the main screen
  9. Yesterday
  10. Redman2u


    Version 1.0.0


    I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a DNA 250 C theme. Please share any where you feel i can tweak and improve on my design.
  11. ohmmade


    This theme is awesome! Is the English version within the main file itself? Haha, found it, too. Thanks for the work!
  12. retird

    Stiff buttons on Rebel DNA75C 21700

    Sounds like a design (mod) issue rather than a DNA board issue..... but you might mention it to Evolv and see what they say.... let us know what you find out....
  13. retird

    paranormal DNA250C died on me

    As you know Evolv's warranty on the board is 1 year but you might start a ticket with them....
  14. I've been using my Rebel DNA75C 21700 for two months expecting the buttons would eventually loosen up. They have not. All 4 buttons are as difficult to press today as they were when it arrived. I don't see any places where buttons are rubbing on the case openings, there's a bit of gap all around all four. But they all require more than twice as much force as the buttons on my Mirage. I'm wondering if the switches on the DNA board Rebel installed might be different/stiffer than the ones used on the Mirage. Vendor Esauce didn't respond after asking for pictures. I'd appreciate any advice on fixing this issue.
  15. Cas Walker

    Rebel DNA 200 (250c)

    Did you get this sorted out? I had a similar issue on a Mirage that sorted itself out after removing the battery and putting it back. Hope you've already found a fix.
  16. fwa

    paranormal DNA250C died on me

    My Paranormal died also today, after 1 year and 2 month. When you are just in Holliday with this mod, you are very happy ;-( When i leave it without battery for some times, and put again the batteries, it work well during 1 or 2 minutes. After this time, it does not want to fire, or sometimes does not want to unlock. Button goes crazy…… If connected to escribe, when i try to read the parameter, i get an eeprom read error. Seems that temperature of the chipset rise when batteries are in the mod, and that the chipset fail to do anything. I take care of my mod, no trace of liquid, never fall….. it is like a new mod and I think that it is not a Lostvape default, but well an Evolv default of the chipset.
  17. Thanks Retird ;-) The situation is now more bad. As you, i think now that it is not a Windows problem, but a DNA250C Chipset problem. Now, my Paranormal does not want to unlock, i have try to verify all the parameter and when i send the data, i get an eerom error. I have try to flash the firmware, with success… but no change. And now, after a lot of attempt to unlock, i see something very strange with the button… fire act as fire but also as up, select act as up or does not respond…… seems a big problem now. Well…. this box has 1 year and 2 months…. and is mostly dead.
  18. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Zum Bereich Motorsport habe ich ein Formula 1 Theme erstellt Mit 3 verschiedenen Hintergrundbilder. Die Farben ergänzen sich derzeit auf die Reifen der Season 2019. Vielleicht gibt es ein paar Motorsportfans die dieses Theme gefällt. Mfg Vape_Steini Formula 1 Theme DNA250C.ecigtheme
  19. El_Kapitan

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    I don't think that they are producing a new family of chipsets. Dna color series are not old and still the best chipset family offered in the market. I heard rumors that Evolv invested in Lost Vape's Dna section but never confirmed. What I think is they are not selling the chips to mass producers anymore. Thy only sell to modders who manufacture a few at a time. I think that they will be coming out with their own serial produced mods - high quality as Lost Vape and not heavily priced, but WHEN is the biggest question.
  20. jinx'd

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    I think Evolv is coming out with new chips. and they are letting current stock run low, and/or, are still in development and/or production. probably all of the above.
  21. Last week
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Arctic Fox skin, Big watts font, simple lock screen, 5w step )
    its a nice theme, clean and with sans serif font. great base for coloring. for the developer: i can't find the replay mode (main screen) so I can color the power and tweak this screen, can you five directions for this? great theme, the best ive found.
  23. Just wanted to check in for those of you using this theme. I still use it daily on my (now 3) DNA250c/75c devices and it's been working great for me, so I haven't been making regular updates. But if anyone has feature requests or bugs, please post them here and I'll address them ASAP! Thanks!
  24. Yellowhorse

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    I was responding to your comment of nobody making single cell DNA 75C anymore . Obviously, several companies are making them. Had you looked, you would have seen several models from Strangers Mods that meet your requirements and that most are not "one of a kind" custom models. For the record, the mod I showed you is not a "one of a kind" either. That said, I did see your "super expensive" comment but you mentioned no price cap and no dollar figure on what you consider to be "super expensive". The $3400 customs from Strangers Mods? Yeah, THEY are super expensive. Best of luck on finding what you are looking for. Consider a dual battery DNA 75C. Lots of them around from companies like Lost Vape that are priced at about $100.
  25. El_Kapitan

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    @Yellowhorse enjoy your mod. Unfortunately I am not that rich and as I told in my initial message, I am looking for serial production mods. Not for one-of-a-kind, Italian modder's $900 pieces. I even cannot speak about $3400 mods. I got myself a second hand mirage as a replacement. Handles 21700 and about $75. Doesn't look as good as yous but does the same job at the end of the day.
  26. Fekkovich


    Version 1.0.1


    Made this theme as a preparation for the arrival of my Paranormal 250c. Its basically just a modification of the stock evolv-theme with a synthwave look and a few added things. Will be more than happy to recieve constructive criticism and feedback and so on so that i can further improve it. Please bare with me and the fact that i havent been able to see it on a mod yet and therefore i might have some tweaking to do just because of that.
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