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What is Escribe?? And How to tell That My DNA Chip Is Escribed????

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Hi Everyone, I am New to this DNA chip thingy.. and the ones that confused me a lot is this "Escribe" thing that a lot of people talking about... the only thing i know about the word "escribe" is that is the name of the app.. but what exactly is this escribe?? because many people in my region that owns a DNA chip mods always asking to one another if they mods already been escribed or not??? how to tell that my mod is already been escribed or not??? is it any difference between the stock chip and the "Escribed" ones??? like what is the difference?? is it perform better after i escribed it?? how do i escribe my mods??? i really confused... please enlight me with this escribe thingy 

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4 hours ago, BillW50 said:

EScribe communicates with the DNA board. It allows you to do things like change the theme, update the firmware, customize Profiles, etc. It also aids in troubleshooting if it isn't vaping correctly.

Thanks for the info Man.. But i also see some people doing like adjustment or something in the app they messing around with this a curve thingy.. Adjusting it up or down... Is that the troubleshooting you were talking about??? If it is than it's very cool that we can do that on our mods 🤩

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