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Abyss AIO chip swap?

William Deckard

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There is a guy in a Facebook group that converts them over to DNA60. So it shouldn't be that hard.

They also have the Abyss Stormtrooper DNA60 too. Have you seen those? Those are made from white Delrin instead of SS. And they also come with the SbS kit with larger battery caps.

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17 minutes ago, William Deckard said:

Will I be able to use the USB C charge port on the Abyss, if I can do I have to modify it in any way?

Pins 11-15 in that datasheet and you'll need a 10k ohm resistor. Ideally their charger will have some stuff written on it

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On 8/24/2022 at 12:32 PM, William Deckard said:



Has anyone here swapped the chipset on the original non Evolv  board version?

I've got a non working mod and I'd love to swap the crappy Dovpo board with a DNA 60.



How did you get on mate? Did you manage to do it? I’m looking at doing the same now but really could do with some good advice on eveything you needed. 

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