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DNA250c losing last setting when replacing batteries


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As reported in this thread by myself and confirmed by @Wayneo the mod reverts back to the previous used setting when batteries are removed.

Still unclear on conditions and how exactly is the autosave triggered, but I guess you don't need me to tell you how you programmed it to work.

You can easily reproduce and verify the bug by switching to a new profile and then taking out the batteries. When the batteries are reinserted, you'll be back to the old profile.

Seems to be happening for every change in settings, not limited to profile switches. Just easier to notice this way.

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I don't have a 250C with batteries that can be taken out to charge.  Never had this issue you describe.  I did take the battery out of my 100C after changing profile from profile 6 (default) to profile 1 and waited 1 minute and put it back.  No change in profile  (still profile 1) so I took out the battery again and waited 10 minutes and hit the fire button several times (to discharge a capacitor if it exhists) before putting the battery back in. The profile reverted to the profile 6 (default) which was selected when I uploaded the device from Escribe. I mentioned a capacitor in the other thread. 

I went a step further and from default profile 6 I changed in on the device to profile 1.  Took out the battery and hit the fire button 5 times and immediately put it back in (within 25 seconds) and the profile went back to profile 6 (default). I think this proves a capacitor stores energy for a short period of time while  changing battery without loosing the current profile you set on the device.....

My take:  I uploaded profile 6 from Escribe as my most used profile. I call this the default profile. Change it on the device to Profile 1. So I still say what I said in the other thread about a capacitor. Taking out the battery and reinstalling  different charged battery within a short time causes no profile change but waiting 10 minutes, or until you charge a battery(s) will cause the profile change you moved to to go back to the default profile you originally uploaded to the device from Escribe.

Try this exercise and report your findings....


From ESCRIBE the arrow points to the current profile (default uploaded to device). The profile you moved to on the device is only saved as long as the capacitor has energy with battery not installed.


Screensho 8t 2022-06-17 215900.png

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I just tried this: Switched to a profile that I don't normally use and is not default (titanium). Then switched to another profile that I don't normally use and is not default (nickel200).

Took out the batteries momentarily and reinserted them. No attempt to fire or wait in between. Literally just slide them out and back in.

When reinserted I was back to the titanium profile.

Maybe it's an issue with implementation? Could it be down to the capacitors used by each manufacturer? Not sure if evolv sells these boards already built or just schematics.

For the record my device is the Dovpo Riva 250c.

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3 hours ago, retird said:

The capacitor would be built into the Evolv board and Evolv sells the completed boards to the device makers.  What did Evolv tell you when you started a ticket with them?  




Hadn't opened a ticket, thinking it's just a known bug. I just submitted one now. Will update here if I get some sort of resolution.

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