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Menu error press up

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Actually, there are 2 main reasons (that I'm aware of) when this can occur. Both being silly programming errors/oversight. The easiest to find and fix would be calling a screen that does not exist, the other leaving hanging child screens. Both, the author should fix as others will suffer the same fate. Do you remember what you were doing that caused this? 

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If you got the error on my Color Changer theme then the good news is it was indeed a bug in the theme & not your device. The theme had trouble remembering what parent screen to use after 6 consecutive color changes without going to another screen on the 100c or 7 straight color changes on the 250c. It was indeed a child/parent screen hang up but interestingly not from a missing or bad call. The same call worked as long as you didn't do 6 or 7 color changes back to back. It had to do with the chip memory being so maxed out imo. Rapid color changes would cause it to forget the needed parent & the error sort of reset it. 

Anyhow it is resolved now. Once I truncated some things, shrunk the theme, & got more headroom in chip memory it resolved itself. if you haven't updated do so & its fixed. I also came up w/ a better system to cycle colors more easily in general in newer versions. 

My new theme "The Giant" changes colors & is an all original theme that uses color combos tht you can cycle through. If you liked the Color Changer theme you'll likely enjoy "The Giant." Hope tht helps!

If it wasn't my theme then I agree tht it's most likely an improper call between a child & a parent screen in the theme. It still isn't a flaw of your mod/DNA. 

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