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Help with Kennedy Box Mod, DIsplay always says off.


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I recently picked up a Kennedy box mod and was searching for instructions but this mod is almost non existent according to the internet. I have figured out how to change the modes and adjust the watts but whenever I am in TC mode the screen simply says off, all while the mod still works. I am just trying to figure out what is going on and how to change it. If anyone knows how to use or has an instruction manual for a Kennedy I would appreciate the help!

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It does have a dna 250 I checked. And I've looked through all that information but I cant find even a screen that says off. I even changed the theme using escribe hoping it would change but alas nothing. I've been trying to upload a picture of the screen but the upload on this site seems to not work. SO i did this:


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It is in temperature mode (TC) and the temperature is set to off, or it automatically kicked itself off when it sensed a non temperature material (coil). If you are using non-TC coil, you need to switch to wattage or aka power mode profile. This button command list I written for the DNA200, but it applies to most non-color DNAs including the DNA250.



Up/Down (5 sec) lock wattage or temp (Temp-Dominant dependent)
Up/Down (5 sec) then twice Up (or Down) to change Profile

LOCK (5 clicks)

Up/Down (5 sec) adjusts temp or wattage (Temp-Dominant dependent)
Fire/Up (5 sec) lock ohms
Fire/Dn (5 sec) Stealth/Normal
Fire/UD (5 sec) Change Material


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