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Amperage fluctuating close to zero during case analysis, making it impossible to equalize to room temperature


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Hi there,

i have recently bought a Lost Vape Thelema DNA250C and have since dove deep into calibration and measurements.
Since im using SS coils it is very important for me to have everything properly set up because even the slightest error will throw the temps way off.

The problem is:

While doing case analysis (tried from 25% battery as well as 50%) the cells still receive a minimal charge during equalization and cooldown phases when any charging should be disabled.
The amperage fluctuates between 0 and mostly 0,035A on my mod which initially doesn't sound like a lot but will still warm the device up considerably (4-7°C), making it impossible to equalize to room temp.


However: I know that it's possible to disable charging completely because if I disable USB charging from the device monitor Diagnostics button it locks at 0.000A and stays there.
Not even a single hickup (Current scale set from 0 to 0.1A so you can see there's absolutely nothing):



I have since found out that other people also have had this problem for quite a while but never received an answer to their reports in other topics and subsequently
pinned it to a possible power leakage, bad boards or random cell balancing... I think it's neither of those.

I've tried with SP38 INT as well as the SP45 beta from the german DNA200 website, both to no avail.
To me it seems to be just a bug where the case analyzer doesn't shut down charging in quite the same way as the device monitor can do.

Please try to fix this very annoying bug as this precise calibration capabality is one of the reasons I and I'm sure many others chose DNA in the first place.
It'd be very sad if that was now impossible due to such a silly bug.

Thanks in advance for any help. If you need recordings or logs please ask.



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vor 9 Stunden schrieb Unr3aL:

Since im using SS coils it is very important for me to have everything properly set up because even the slightest error will throw the temps way off.

Hm ... I use my mods (Therion 75c, Paranormal 250c, Centaurus 250c, Odin Mini 75c) out-of-the-box and never had any problems.

As long as the coil is really suitable for TC mode - no problems.

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I'm glad you're happy with your vape but others might not be. Answers like these are really no help at all.
You don't run around  on the streets telling blind people that you can in fact see very well, do you?

This is a bug and bugs need to be squashed, especially if they hinder the proper usage of core functions.
To many threads like these have died because of indifference like this.

If I buy a very precise mod i'd like the temps to be at least near where they should be and not just be a gimmicky number on the screen that sometimes needs to be turned 50 up or down to achieve same results...
Also my OCD won't let me live in peace without knowing that everything is calibrated to the max. 😁

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On 03.09.2021 at 19:51, Unr3aL said:

Это ошибка, и ошибки необходимо устранить, особенно если они мешают правильному использованию основных функций.

Возможно, я не все понял из переведенного текста, но дружище, ты ошибаешься!

Анализатор корпуса собирает данные о нагреве и остывании частей корпуса ВО ВРЕМЯ ЗАРЯДКИ, эти данные, в дальнейшем,  позволят алгоритмам Evolve регулировать зарядку батареи и более верно понимать комнатную температуру. В платах DNA нет датчика комнатной температуры, этот показатель высчитывается, как разность температуры платы и расчётное количество тепла, которое выделяют электронные компоненты при работе (возможно это не совсем правильно но очень близко к истине).

Именно по этому, анализ корпуса проводится во время зарядки, то есть при максимальном тепловыделение платы.


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Am 27.9.2021 um 18:37 schrieb zark:

(Translated by me)

Perhaps I didn't understand everything from the translated text, but buddy, you're wrong! The case analyzer collects data on the heating and cooling of the case parts DURING CHARGING, this data, in the future, will allow Evolve's algorithms to regulate battery charging and more accurately understand the room temperature. There is no room temperature sensor in DNA boards, this indicator is calculated as the difference in temperature of the board and the calculated amount of heat that electronic components emit during operation (this may not be entirely correct, but very close to the truth). That is why the analysis of the case is carried out during charging, that is, at the maximum heat dissipation of the board.


Firstly I'd like to thank you for your detailed explanation. I'd like to emphasize that although i might have misinterpreted case analysis it still has a bug and is not working properly.
I still need to issue the bug report though, might do so now...

I was under the impression that the charging was just a means to artificially heat up the board and subsequently be able to analyze heating and cooling constants. Also it provides a way to "calibrate" for room temperature.

This would in change be of help to better estimate actual temperatures of various components of the board as well as room temperature which is needed for deriving cold ohms from ohms at actual temperature.
For example if i measure resistance at 32°C it can derive cold ohms at 20°C from that, but only if room temp is more or less correctly calulated by the mod.

The evaluation of charging temperature makes sense but i feel that there's more to it than just that. For a max charging current of 2A on a dual-cell device there's not much heat to be expected in the first place. At least mine doesn't heat up by a lot...

Is there a documentation for EScribe somewhere to be found that explains the various settings in more detail? I feel that would answer many questions in advance.

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