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Windows 10 will no longer recognize DNA250C, DNA75 or ANY other vaping devices

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None of my vaping devices are recognized by Windows 10 anymore. This includes a Lost Vape Paranormal (250C) and a Lost Vape Therion BF (DNA75). But this also includes several Eleaf devices and a Smoant Charon 218 TC that all support firmware updates using their own Windows programs.

I have tried every available remedy. Swapped cables. Swapped ports. Swapped Windows computers. Uninstalled USB drivers. Plugged into USB hubs (2.0 and 3.0). Uninstalled drivers, restarted PC, reinstalled drivers. Uninstalled and reinstalled software. Each vape device is connected--they will all charge and disconnecting them removes the error message in Device Manager.

All other USB devices work normally, including my wireless mouse adapter, two external hard drives, two USB thumb drives, one Samsung Galaxy S9 and an old iPhone 6s.

My theory now is that a Windows update that "improved" security has changed the USB handshake protocol, or something. Certain devices that don't have the right credentials are not recognized.

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The only thing I can think of is look in your Programs and Features (add and remove) and see if Windows Driver Package -  Dimension Engineering is listed. If not reinstall a full copy of EScribe making sure "drivers" box is checked during installation. If the option to select various items isn't there it's not a full version. 

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Actually, if you are using Windows 10 and have our driver package installed, it's best to /uninstall/ it. The drivers are only for the serial port feature, and Windows 10 (like Mac and Linux)  includes its own driver for that.

That said, the presence or lack of drivers shouldn't affect DNA products' ability to show up in EScribe -- EScribe uses USB HID to communicate, not USB serial.

VERY odd that other manufacturers' e-cigarette devices don't work for you either. I don't know what to think of that. It's a long shot, but there's /no/ chance that all of the cables you tested are charge-only, yes?

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Using both Mac and Windows 10 there's not much difference but for Windows you'll need to go into Device Manager and look for anything that may have a yellow exclamation mark and highlight those items and delete them. Next you'll want to run at an elevated admin level a program called regedit (don't be scared you really won't screw anything up) and do a search for evolv and highlight the entries and select to delete. Restart your PC and reinstall. That should take care of it.

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