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middle of screen black spot


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thanx. that is exactly what mine looks like. but offers no solution other than arbitrarily replacing the screen, which is probably what it is. but, the little use i have on mine leads me to believe there is a defect in these screens. and/or there is some other problem. as you know, the Drones are prone to leaking, and mine did. as soon as it started to leak i  immediately stopped sqounking it and cleaned. then i sparingly used it as a regular mod, which was ok with me. after very little use it was then turned into an ohm checker on new coils.  on one of the coil checks i noticed this blotch. 

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I'm still BillW50, I just can't sign in on that account right now.

Yes it looks the same whenever juice gets inside of the screen. I figure the juice gets inside where the ribbon wire is attached. And the same area gets juiced every time. Thus results in the same blacked out pattern.

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