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John D

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I really really wanted to like the Reflex, I watched all the YouTube interviews that explained all the technology and thought it was mind blowing. 

But after using it for about a month I finally shelved it.  The BIG disappointment came with the mouth piece and ruined the whole cig experience.   The semi-square shape made it impossible for me to get a good draw, I would end up sucking in air from around the edges and as a result I would end up coughing.  And the draw is super restricted and nothing at all like a cigarette. 

If Evolv came up with a round or a tapered mouth piece I would give it another try.  Maybe they can come up with something that could slip onto the original mouth piece that would give it a more comfortable feel. 

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my 2c

There are no approved PMTAs for a vaping device As Far As I Know. Admittedly I haven't been paying attention over the last 4 or 5 years but a quick check on FDA's website reveals approvals only for 22nd Century and Phillip Morris real smoking cigarettes. If anything vaping has been approved vice submitted, please, do tell, don't keep it a secret!

A PMTA submittal for a mouthpiece (as an accessory) while Complete, Unwarranted, Overstepping, Unnecessary, Inefficient, Cumbersome, Stupid, Over Zealous Regulation (#proud to be an anecdote!) is not a huge deal. The most difficult part is establishing a new SKU. And I'm not saying a new mouth piece is necessarily needed, although my wife agrees with John D. So I'll probably "macguyver" one.

According to Evolv, the Reflex was designed to mimic a real cig including the heat on the mouth piece. Three settings should mimic all cigs heat at the "lips to filter interface" right? Well apparently not. My wife smokes Pall Mall 100's and even on the Ultra-Light (Blue LED while drawing) setting, she says it is hotter than her real smoking PM100, although she can live with it if she has to (translation: middle setting (Light) was way too hot and she really doesn't really like it at the low (Ultra-Light) setting either but she'll tolerate it because she really wants to convert). :shrug:

And although not a big deal for me, it is definitely something that could use a minor tweak. After all, if the goal is to mimic a real cigarette, the Reflex mouthpiece shape doesn't. And it wouldn't hurt at all if it had the same paper on lip sensation. For a smoker trying to convert, any little thing that is a different "experience" from smoking a real cigarette can be a "show stopper". Even something as minor as the shape and sensation of the lip interface.

Don't misunderstand me, the folks at Evolv are my heros, I appreciate all they do, love their engineering and products, Reflex included.

P.S. I laughed really hard when I read this on 22nd Century's website "Our primary mission in tobacco is to reduce the harm caused by smoking by bringing our proprietary reduced nicotine content tobacco cigarettes – containing 95% less nicotine than conventional cigarettes – to adult smokers in the U.S. and international markets." LOL And the FDA approved it! That's our FDA, the United States Food and Drug Administration. Nicotine doesn't cause the harm, it is the 4000+ toxins and dozens of known and probable carcinogens caused by combustion (burning paper and leaf with flame retardants and tobacco "casing") that causes the harm. So with a 22nd Century cigarette, you have to smoke 20 cigarettes to get the same nicotine dose as 1. That does not reduce the harm, that increases the harm by 2000%. Ahhh...is it just me? I would say that is NOT in the best interest of "public health"!

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Hmm. I think you got extremely disappointed. I bought myself a Reflex cigarette last month, however, for me, the shape also wasn’t comfortable. However, I didn’t have other problems. Now, my boyfriend uses it, and he is pretty satisfied.

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