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  1. Thanks Squirrel I see Preheat and Limit percentages. I guess they are percentages of total device power. I did make a drip tip adapter out of wood to fit on the end of the device, sealed on with melted wax from a birthday candle and stuffed the bore with a little bit of rayon and this did the trick to stop the heat at the drip tip and eliminate her throat sensation so finally, she is vaping. Still smoking but also vaping. This may do the trick to get her off smoking altogether. FYI I tried a cigarette filter, just snapped one off one of her PM 100's and it was always too restrictive. I cut in half then half again. A little rayon is what did the trick.
  2. In the day and age where you are up against improbable odds, overreaching Government Regulation, bought and paid for corrupt shills with PhD monikers that just won't go away no matter how much they are marginalized, discredited and internationally laughed at, an industry consensus that all those that are going to convert already have converted, a vaping community/market that long since converted and has moved briskly on from cigarette-like to more, you invest in and take considerable effort to make the experience better for converting smokers to vaping which reduces harm and saves lives. In addition to the numerous evidenced based scientific tests performed around the globe, none other than the organization that were first to alert us all about the dangers of smoking, the Cancer Research UK has performed evidenced based research from long term clinical trials and studies that prove e-cigarettes are indeed safer than smoking. I'm not saying the Reflex is perfect. I'm not saying the Reflex is for everyone, and I'm not saying how many, if any, it will actually convert from smoking. I am saying once again, you guys are leading vaping in the right direction. From Variable Power to Temperature Control and now with what I will call "mimicking cigarette air flow and intensity". BRAVO! For what it's worth Evolv, From me to you, Bless You and Thank You! I now form a cross in the air with my right index finger and speak the words hominy dominie nabisco, and shake my hand as if sprinkling holy water! No better deed can be done than saving lives. While I completely and easily converted from smoking and chewing to vaping in 2012, my wife has not. She says she wants to convert, she says she needs to convert, so after numerous misses, we are about to see if this is the "Lucky Charm". After a few days her complaints are the mouth piece is too hot and a harsh sensation in the back of her mouth/throat and this is with the Reflex on the lowest setting, blue light "Ultra-Light". Though on the lowest setting she is willing to "live with" the heat at the mouthpiece sensation but the harshness in the back of the throat continues to be a stumbling block. I keep encouraging her to not give up and we will keep trying until we get it right. She smokes Pall Mall 100's and in addition to trying many of the over 100 atomizers, two dozen mods and over two dozen different store bought and DIY tobacco flavors, free base or salt, from 3 to 24mg including what I normally vape which is no flavorings whatsoever, 100%VG or 85%PG, 20mg/ml free base nic under Evolv DNA Temp control at 360F and 310F respectively, this complaint of "too harsh" is always there. While I don't mind, she does. Is there a way to tone down this sensation? Is there a way to lower the temperature intensity in the Reflex? I enjoy the reflex on medium as is but like her, my only minor improvement recommendation is the mouthpiece shape. Minor to be sure, but a sleeve that better mimics the shape and sensation of a paper filter cigarette I feel would do the trick for her. I'm thinking about "macguyvering" one. For me, little things like this mean nothing. But for a smoker trying to convert, the smallest distraction can become a stumbling block. Very much appreciate the small size, lightweight and airflow mimicking an analog. Really appreciate the thinness of the device. I appreciate the intensity coming from king size full flavor camel, boro, PM and RYO. Power == Volume || Taste == Temperature #Proud to be an anecdote
  3. my 2c There are no approved PMTAs for a vaping device As Far As I Know. Admittedly I haven't been paying attention over the last 4 or 5 years but a quick check on FDA's website reveals approvals only for 22nd Century and Phillip Morris real smoking cigarettes. If anything vaping has been approved vice submitted, please, do tell, don't keep it a secret! A PMTA submittal for a mouthpiece (as an accessory) while Complete, Unwarranted, Overstepping, Unnecessary, Inefficient, Cumbersome, Stupid, Over Zealous Regulation (#proud to be an anecdote!) is not a huge deal. The most difficult part is establishing a new SKU. And I'm not saying a new mouth piece is necessarily needed, although my wife agrees with John D. So I'll probably "macguyver" one. According to Evolv, the Reflex was designed to mimic a real cig including the heat on the mouth piece. Three settings should mimic all cigs heat at the "lips to filter interface" right? Well apparently not. My wife smokes Pall Mall 100's and even on the Ultra-Light (Blue LED while drawing) setting, she says it is hotter than her real smoking PM100, although she can live with it if she has to (translation: middle setting (Light) was way too hot and she really doesn't really like it at the low (Ultra-Light) setting either but she'll tolerate it because she really wants to convert). :shrug: And although not a big deal for me, it is definitely something that could use a minor tweak. After all, if the goal is to mimic a real cigarette, the Reflex mouthpiece shape doesn't. And it wouldn't hurt at all if it had the same paper on lip sensation. For a smoker trying to convert, any little thing that is a different "experience" from smoking a real cigarette can be a "show stopper". Even something as minor as the shape and sensation of the lip interface. Don't misunderstand me, the folks at Evolv are my heros, I appreciate all they do, love their engineering and products, Reflex included. P.S. I laughed really hard when I read this on 22nd Century's website "Our primary mission in tobacco is to reduce the harm caused by smoking by bringing our proprietary reduced nicotine content tobacco cigarettes – containing 95% less nicotine than conventional cigarettes – to adult smokers in the U.S. and international markets." LOL And the FDA approved it! That's our FDA, the United States Food and Drug Administration. Nicotine doesn't cause the harm, it is the 4000+ toxins and dozens of known and probable carcinogens caused by combustion (burning paper and leaf with flame retardants and tobacco "casing") that causes the harm. So with a 22nd Century cigarette, you have to smoke 20 cigarettes to get the same nicotine dose as 1. That does not reduce the harm, that increases the harm by 2000%. Ahhh...is it just me? I would say that is NOT in the best interest of "public health"!
  4. I'm in the both-option-not only camp. Although the 200 seems smoother for whatever reason, I still get the best vape experience when I set watts just under the setting at which TP kicks in. EG right now on a .18 NI200 build in a GT2 and set Temp to 360F power to 24W on this build and juice shows real time temp fluctuating around 300F. Then set 200W and temp to 280F, 290F...320F respectively keeping everything else the same. Try it with your numbers and see which you prefer. Not saying why. Not saying good or bad. I will just say I find the vape experience in real life practice is different and different people will prefer different things and that's just peachy. If you haven't tried this test then I suggest trying it to decide which you like. One test is worth a thousand opinions but you wont know which you like until you try them. Then try it with different attys to see if your preference changes. Many valid reasons to pick either method. When these devices give me the same vape experience in real life practice with either method and all my attys, then it won't matter. Until then, it matters to me.
  5. Here is a lineup of some mods that might be interesting for size comparison. 1. (Leftmost) Pioner4U Seven30 converted from SX300 (DNA40 - 26650) 2. Hana style DIY (DNA40 - 18650) 3. YiHi SX Mini M-Class (SX350J - 18650) 4. Joyetech Evic VT 5. HOTCIG DX200 (DNA200 900mah LIPO) 6. 1550B DIY (DNA200 2200mah LIPO) 7. SMY260 (3 - 18650's) 8. Hammond 1590NBK (Blank Box) Center is a Smoktech Guardian 2 Epipe -------------------------------- A couple of notes I found while searching for batteries and enclosures: There is a mah to wh calculator just google for it. 900mah @11.1V is 9.99wh, 2200mah @11.1V is 24.42wh. Useful for setting in EScribe. E-Flite batteries are rated high for quad copters but they are pricey so I went with an inexpensive Venom 20C 3S which is more than adequate for the DNA200 23A max input current. 20C continuous discharge x 2200mah = 44A. The Venom fits snugly in a 1550B and swims in a 1590N. Board with through hole button shafts, battery, 510 and XT60 connectors all fit in a 1550B. Battery is quite snug so it won't rattle or move. Although I don't have one, I think the Alpinetech 1590B is a better choice - no slant and no lid screws. But it is ever so slightly shorter. So the Venom listed as 106mm installed with leads parallel to the end squeezes in the 1550B which is 110mm minimum inner box height. But I'd bet trimming the plastic wrapper back so the leads flop out the opposite direction and the 108mm inner height of the Alpinetech will work. Don't know but I bet it would. I left the XT60 female on the battery and soldered an XT60 male pigtail to the DNA200. That way it is easy to swap battery pack if needed with my quad copter. The E-Flite uses EC2 connectors. Although EC2 can be "forced" into an XT60 it is best not to. If you want the E-Flite, best to solder an EC2 pigtail to the DNA200 or if you also have an xt60 quad copter and want battery interchangeability and the E-Flite, you could always cut the EC2 off and solder an XT60 on the battery leads. Final note, there are some interesting battery finder web tools like at hobbyking where you can input your dimensions and find the battery for your enclosure. Fitting larger batteries like 3000+mah I found require an enclosure I didn't want to live with, whether too thick, tall or wide or combinations thereof. You may have better luck.
  6. Unbelievably I am late to the DNA200 party. I guess this thing came out a few months ago. I musta been snoozing! So when I woke up late last week, I ordered a board from Evolv and a HOTCIG from FT on the same day and low and behold the HOTCIG only arrived three days later. Of course the 1550B box I put the board and a 2200mah 3s in worked like a champ, but the HOTCIG was a different story. Press the fire button and the Evolv DNA 200 screen would come up then default screen and immediately go away. Put it on a USB charge overnight and same thing. Now this is an Anker 2.4A per port with Anker 21AWG 1ft. USB cable. So I'm thinking oh great I got a bad one. Then I read the USB port 1A limit on the board. Hmmm. Well that should be plenty maybe the pack is below the charge threshold. Ok so I take the battery pack off and charge it with its included balance charger. Within a few seconds the flashing red and green lights on the balance charger stopped flickering and became solid. Shazam, 1 hour later and solid green light on included balance charger. Attach battery and it powered up but battery icon showed empty. Hmm. Well ok let's see what EScribe makes of it and SHAZAM! Plugged into computer, Launched EScribe immediately received message that firmware needed updating, updated it. Then got message that configuration is not complete so reset to defaults. Fixed. Battery indicator showed full, vapes and USB charges like the homebrew, everything works like it should, cells showed 4.2V each. Thought I would post this in case anybody else runs into same issue on the HOTCIG. Don't fret, charge the battery with the included balance charger then EScribe it.
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