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    Really like this theme. I have the Thelema gift box edition with the extra battery door covers and this matches the carbon perfectly. Also am digging the layout over the default theme, there is much more information displayed saving me a lot of clicking around.
  1. I really really wanted to like the Reflex, I watched all the YouTube interviews that explained all the technology and thought it was mind blowing. But after using it for about a month I finally shelved it. The BIG disappointment came with the mouth piece and ruined the whole cig experience. The semi-square shape made it impossible for me to get a good draw, I would end up sucking in air from around the edges and as a result I would end up coughing. And the draw is super restricted and nothing at all like a cigarette. If Evolv came up with a round or a tapered mouth piece I would give it another try. Maybe they can come up with something that could slip onto the original mouth piece that would give it a more comfortable feel.
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