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Turnigy LiPo 950mah 3S 11.1v Curve

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23 hours ago, dwcraig1 said:

The proper curve is only going to make the battery % and battery icon more accurate, it will not change battery operation. Evolv's default curve is for the FullyMax 900, that should be pretty darn close.

I understand but the turnigy is 950mah not 900 as the fullymax, this is why i was asking..

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I run the default battery curve on everyone of my DNA mods, some are dual 18650's, single round 18650/231700, 3 cell FullyMax 900's, some unknown 950 mah 3 cell lipos and a 1000 Turnigy 3cell lipo and a 1300 Turnigy lipo.  All seem to work well fuel gauge wise. As I said battery CSV does not effect how well the battery works.

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