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Sarmat Rusmod DNA60 no escribe access?

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A DNA60 with USB charge/data port connects to EScribe. The version of EScribe for your DNA75C is certainly capable of connecting to all of the EScribe capable boards. I'm not a Mac user so I don't know the specifics but when I first connect a DNA device Windows detects it and automatically installs the drivers for it. 

There are quite a few DNA60 mods coming out that have no USB port but to have a USB that is charge only well I can't image that.

Does the manufacturer claim it is upgrade-able?

Perhaps one of our Mac users can offer more insight.

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5 hours ago, Chef Ginger Pants said:

Does DNA60 work on Mac?  .............. but just got a RusMod in and it will not show up

Yes escribe works with the 60 on a Mac. Are you sure it's an Evolv board? I thought the 'Rus' meant Russian, and I thought they were a different board

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OK. So no idea why it's not recognized as every board type I own is recognized up to macos 10.15.X

The 60 like all others come with 8 profiles and ~4 material types like your 75. Luckily, there are key(button) combinations to move between them, but you won't be able to add new material or change the wording.

To switch between profiles on the device, put the DNA60  into Power Locked mode by pressing and holding both the up and down buttons for two seconds. From power locked mode, to cycle between profiles, double click the Up or Down button. To select the displayed profile, press the fire button.

To switch between material type within a profile on the device, put the DNA60  into 5x (fire button) Locked mode. Then  by pressing and holding fire, up and down the material name will show up. Up or down to cycle through them, then fire button to select the chosen one.

It's much easier than it sounds. While you're trying that, I'll hunt for a credit size graphic for you. 

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