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  1. Thanks Wayneo... first DNA60 here but yeah it just won't show up... I use SS316L too so thats the core issue... i need to add my material and setup a profile.
  2. Yeah Wayneo... not sure if Russia just uses different software? The buttons function the same, w. everything working off the "lock" screen, but I cant change materials etc.
  3. Does DNA60 work on Mac? I have Escribe for my DNA75C mods, but just got a RusMod in and it will not show up
  4. I'm having the same issue for a month now. WHY cant we use temp control on a SS316L clapton or alien.?!?!?! This is a pretty prominent issue. I've tried three different materials for SS316L, I have adjusted the punch, preheat, locked the ohms (which didn't work), and it's been going on forever man. I have to manually go into Atomizer > Measure Ohms > and back to get the mod to fire. Sometimes replay works, but I usually have to go into the settings just to get a hit, and that's just in wattage mode!!!!!!!! We don't want to use spaced coils... we just want to use temp control with SS316L. IMO there should be a service pack or some kind of communication from Evolv as to how this can be executed.
  5. So I have a SS316L Clapton and when I fire it - the temp protect kicks in When I go to Settings>Atomizer>and re-measure the ohms the ohms read lower... i fire it to warm it up (reads about .63ohms)... then I re-measure the ohms again and it jumps up to .75ohm and fires fine UNTIL it cools down again. Is there a problem with the settings on the SS316 material and how do i change that or fix that?
  6. Im on a 75C, didn't think I could use the one on the site... but seems to be working thanks!
  7. Cool site. They don't have the NIFe70 wire type but definitely a good resource
  8. Does the Nifethal 70 need a new wire type? My ohms jump around like crazy when I use the NiFe70 in NiFe30 mode
  9. I guess I'm just looking to get the "Puff Info" to display after each hit with the replay option on THAT screen?
  10. So I have my Mod on Ni30 and in replay mode. I have the default theme w. updated wallpaper, but not much tinkering around on the theme itself.... I'm wondering how to get the temperature and wattage to show up on the "Main Screen". I tried Screens>>Main Screen>> "initially highlighted" and "update while firing" -- What I really want is for the temperature and wattage to be visible on the main screen, and update while firing in real time so I can zone in on replay mode, and get the perfect temps for my liquids.... Any gurus out there?
  11. Just an aesthetic upgrade for fellow vape Jedis Rebel DNA 75C INT off Default.ecigtheme
  12. Is there a way to move a button/field from one screen to another? I'm trying to setup a separate screen for TC/Replay
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