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DNA 75C - SS316L Material Issue

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So I have a SS316L Clapton and when I fire it - the temp protect kicks in

When I go to Settings>Atomizer>and re-measure the ohms the ohms read lower... i fire it to warm it up (reads about .63ohms)... then I re-measure the ohms again and it jumps up to .75ohm and fires fine UNTIL it cools down again.

Is there a problem with the settings on the SS316 material and how do i change that or fix that?

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Try this and see what goes:

Make sure all connections are tight in the atty and no coil wrap is touching the one next to it (called a spaced coil).  With the atty off the device fire the device several times.  

Now let the atty and the device set until both are at room temperature.

Screw on the atty, fire the device and select "new coil".   This sets the cold ohms as can be seen in Device Monitor.  The Live ohms will be higher as you vape as the ohms elevate due to heating the coil.

You should not get an immediate "temp protect" message and the message will show when the set temp is reached.  Temp Protect is not an error message but lets you know the temp has been reached.  An immediate "temp protect" can mean a hot spot in the coil or coil wires touching each other among other things.

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21 час назад, Chef Ginger Pants сказал:

Есть ли проблема с настройками материала SS316 и как я могу это изменить или исправить?

Это может быть вызвано несоответствием реального химического состава проволоки значениям принятым в алгоритме Evolv. Иногда в таких случаях помогает корректировка холодного Ом вручную (при условии, что Ваша theme позволяет это сделать). Корректировка ведется в пределах +/- 0,000Х Ом (ОСТОРОЖНО НЕ ИЗМЕНЯЙТЕ ЗНАЧЕНИЯ БОЛЕЕ 0,0005 Ом ЗА ОДИН РАЗ!!!)


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