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Therion Date and Time


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Was informed on the Paranormal 250C to swap out the batteries sharpish,  that Escribes Device Monitor would set the corret time and date for failing to do so.

I now have a Therion DNA 75C, swapped out the batteries sharpish and it still forgot. Just swapped out the batteries slowly, first checking where I had filed  down those nasty edges that damage battery wraps, smoothly fitted fresh ones and low and behold it remebered the date and time. Well strange, just tried to re-create that and nope it forgot.

So I guess the 75C is not as clever as the 250C. On another note  even though it Replays does it actually work? or is it just the screen and looks like its going through the motions?

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The battery changing deal can be a frustration. I have multiple 75c and 250c mods. It seems to act the same  on the 75c and the 250c. I try to get the change done in 15 seconds or so. Faster than that seems to lose the time as well taking longer. There is a  capacitor that holds enough power to keep the clocks power for a limited time. So who knows.

75c replay mode works perfectly on the five I have. As usual a good atty with a stable build is a must.

Hope this helps....JT

Oh, nice bikes by the way.

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