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Infinity Mods Insider Mini


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Is anyone here familiar with this mod?  I came across a new in box, Infinity Insider Mini, which I just purchased that runs a DNA60 off of a single 18650 (maximum configuration).


The design is very reminiscent of an old Svoemesto double barrel styled mod I purchased almost a decade ago now, called the Semovar (with hybrid connector).  It was based on a Nivel chip, which only allows a maximum of 15w.


I had originally planned on trying to change out the board in the Svoemesto, but I honestly wanted to preserve it as a collector's item.  These things was pretty epic back in the day lol.  Then, I came across the Infinity.  My daily vape is a  Lost Vape Triade, MK RTA with dual 316SS coils, which I just run in Watt Boost mode at 65w.  I've tried TC on every iteration of DNA based devices over the years on every coil material and was never a fan.  Especially with the older DNA chips, TC mode just never lived up to the hype for me.  I also never had issues with my SS coils in wattage mode. 

So my concern with the DNA60 chip in the Insider Mini is that its max output will be 5w short of my desired power level.   I'd like to know if it's possible to change over to a DNA75 or better, but don't have the mod yet.  Is it possible to fit anything larger inside and also change out the chip without damaging the mod?





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Thank you and yes, I noticed the measurements in the sheets under footprint.  I just wasn't sure how much room I'll have inside that mod.   I've never seen one of these before today.  I love that design...really stands out, even today.  

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I received the Infinity mod and took a close look at the Semovar, side by side.  The Semovar is exponentially the better built mod.  They both have a very, very similar layout with one difference, so I think it's possible.  The Semovar has the same access points in the base's panel but it's metal vs. the Infinity, which is plastic.  The metal tubing and battery button are so much nicer on the Semovar and there's no plastic to speak of.   Really a gorgeous, solid, well made mod...they definitely don't make 'em like the used to :)

The main difference between the two is that there is a small cut-out on one of the tubes for a 2 digit display screen on the Semovar.  The Infinity has a large cut-out on its base for the DNA30 screen and the Semovar doesn't have anything there, except screws in the same places.  The Semovar also appears to have more room in its base for a chip, so I'm going to take measurements to see what I can fit in there.  At a minimum, I could transplant the same chip - but I really think I can do better. 

The big question for me (highly experienced vaper, highly inexperienced builder) is how I'd cut a window into the panel of the Semovar.  I also need to figure out how to patch the hole left by the original chip's display.   I only want to do this if I know for sure it'll turn out perfect.  If anyone's familiar with the Semovar's material and can give me any guidance on how to tackle this (i.e. - tools I'd need, etc.), I'd really appreciate it.


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Measured the space available in the base of Semovar.  While it's identical to the Infinity on the outside, there's even less room inside, due to the way the tubes are secured to the base.  There also isn't enough room in the section of the Semovar housing the existing chip.  Disappointing.  I can't tell you how much nicer the Semovar's build quality is.  It's heavy but everything from the battery door to the threading of the tubes is on a whole other level.  Too bad...would've been nice.

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