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  1. Measured the space available in the base of Semovar. While it's identical to the Infinity on the outside, there's even less room inside, due to the way the tubes are secured to the base. There also isn't enough room in the section of the Semovar housing the existing chip. Disappointing. I can't tell you how much nicer the Semovar's build quality is. It's heavy but everything from the battery door to the threading of the tubes is on a whole other level. Too bad...would've been nice.
  2. Thanks! PMMA is just plexiglass, so I practiced on a 2 liter Coke bottle first and noticed it was really simple. If anyone else finds themselves in the same boat, the biggest thing to be careful of is scratching the Ti metal strip.
  3. I received the Infinity mod and took a close look at the Semovar, side by side. The Semovar is exponentially the better built mod. They both have a very, very similar layout with one difference, so I think it's possible. The Semovar has the same access points in the base's panel but it's metal vs. the Infinity, which is plastic. The metal tubing and battery button are so much nicer on the Semovar and there's no plastic to speak of. Really a gorgeous, solid, well made mod...they definitely don't make 'em like the used to The main difference between the two is that there is a small c
  4. Thanks, I did reach out to them when I posted here and they told me it was a design decision (head scratcher lol). That's all I could get out of them, so I pulled the trigger this weekend. Super simple with the Dremel...just a few seconds and no need to polish, it came out fine. Now I can actually use it
  5. I just received a new DNA75C based mod that I purchased from a U.K. site that needs some further modification. It was an expensive impulse buy, which appears that I didn't properly vette ahead of time. The case material itself is polished PMMA and houses the firing button within a metal strip. The edges of the case are flush with that top metal strip all the way from the firing button (in the back), up to the ring (in the front) where the 510 pin is housed. Beginning where the ring containing the 510 pin is housed, a lip rises up (approx. 2mm) above the metal strip. So on the fr
  6. Thank you and yes, I noticed the measurements in the sheets under footprint. I just wasn't sure how much room I'll have inside that mod. I've never seen one of these before today. I love that design...really stands out, even today.
  7. Hi, Is anyone here familiar with this mod? I came across a new in box, Infinity Insider Mini, which I just purchased that runs a DNA60 off of a single 18650 (maximum configuration). The design is very reminiscent of an old Svoemesto double barrel styled mod I purchased almost a decade ago now, called the Semovar (with hybrid connector). It was based on a Nivel chip, which only allows a maximum of 15w. I had originally planned on trying to change out the board in the Svoemesto, but I honestly wanted to preserve it as a collector's item. These things was pretty epic
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