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Drone 250c deep sleep. won't turn back on


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so i picked up a lostvape drone dna250c last week and had an issue appear today. the mod went into a sorta "deep sleep" and would't wake back up when i entered my unlock sequence. it only unlocked and allowed me to view the main scren to ulock the device when i plugged it into a usb port to charge (i generally don't like doing this unless i'm fiddling around on escribe. still don't trust charging mods via their usb port.) 

has anyone else had this issue with the dna250c board and if so, what are some things i should look into to prevent this from happening?

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26 minutes ago, Wayneo said:

What version of the firmware are you running (Numbers down in the bottom right hand corner of Device Monitor) ? Yes, quite a few others have reported that same behavior. I'll try find that link for ya, or just search deep sleep like you thought. :)


i'll have to check when i get home, tho i believe it's on the most recent firmware. i clicked a thing to update it in escribe the other night. 


thanks for the post link, i'll have to read over it on my break. 

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