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LG HG2, Sony VTC5A, VRK 3000 mAh Paranormal DNA250c


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I just got my Paranormal DNA250c mod back from evolv .

They replaced the screen which I damaged.

I had other mods I could use so I went about six month s or so without using it. Anyways,

I am trying to setup everything using the escribe software. I cant seem too find anything for my batteries.

I have a couple sets of LG HG 2 3000 mAh, Sony VTC5As , and VRK 3000 mAh.

My Device uses 2 18650 Batteries, I am looking for discarge profiles for the three types I listed, or if anyone knows how I can create them myself.

Any info would be much appreciated.


Vape On!

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11 hours ago, Wayneo said:

@Vapor2600 If you will be using 3 different battery models, why not just leave it at the default? 

You can only ever have 1 profile on the mod at a time

I have left it at default, and everything seems to be working fine.

I bought the Lost Vape Paranormal Mod because it has a DNA board, and I tinker with everything.

I really only use 2 of the three battery models (Sony's and VRK's) but if its better to leave settings as default then I will take your word for it.

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